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South Pole is offering land-owners, community groups, conservation organisations, and other groups who would benefit from climate finance, an opportunity to develop their nature-based carbon projects. As a truly global environmental company, with over 350 experts in 18 global offices, South Pole is uniquely positioned to support you in adding a sustainable and supplementary source of income to fund your nature-based projects.

Opportunity for large-scale nature-based solutions

South Pole believes Nature-based Solutions (NBS) need to be a central part of the post-COVID green recovery. We are able to develop and potentially provide finance to large nature-based climate action projects that protect wildlife, empower communities and create sustainable economies.

To be considered projects must meet either of the following minimum requirements:

§ Ecosystem protection projects – minimum 50,000 hectares of standing forest or larger than 7,500 hectares of carbon rich ecosystems, such as peat land or mangrove forest.

§ Restoration projects – must have potential to restore at least 500 hectares per year for 10 years

REDD+ (Forest Protection & Conservation)

§ The focus is on large scale project areas >50,000 hectares of standing forest; (or more than 7,500 hectares in carbon rich environments such as peat or mangroves)

§ Forest management plan has been developed or partner organisation has the capacity to develop one with limited technical support

§ Have well established and positive relationships with communities in the immediate area of the project

General Requirements

§ Clear understanding of socioeconomic and biophysical drivers of deforestation

§ Demonstrable capacity to address these drivers

§ Demonstrable understanding of local and regional ecology

§ Land tenure and carbon rights are secured or demonstrable understanding of process to secure

§ Please note: Maps of the project area (maps file types: .kml, .kmz, or .shp) are required

Desirable: The activities will create/protect habitat of endangered species

Forest Restoration

§ Potential to restore at least 500 ha/yr for 10 years

§ Demonstrable restoration experience which can be built upon and scaled – minimum 500 ha already under restoration management

§ Forest restoration/management plan has been developed or partner organisation has the capacity to develop one with limited technical support

§ If the reforestation is in a commercial plantation – would need to either have FSC, or have at least 10% of non-commercial areas for conservation purposes.

§ Should not be a monoculture plantation.

§ Should be planted with significant proportion of native tree species

Deadline: 1 October 2021 For more information, visit this link.