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Конкурс Mental Canvas Challenge


Mental Canvas is inviting applicants for the Mental Canvas Challenge. Mental Canvas has reimagined drawing for the digital age by enabling creations that can be experienced outside the confines of a page or a single moment in time.

With Mental Canvas all this power is placed intuitively and naturally in the artist’s hand. They call on creatives to join them in redefining what it means to draw. To kick off this movement Mental Canvas has issued a challenge… (and put up a few bucks) to redefine drawing.

The Challenge

They invite you to submit your vision realized through Mental Canvas. Extra credit will be given for concepts that could not be generated by any other means. You might also go for the $100K in cash prizes if you’re motivated by such things.

Award and Category Information

There are 18 prizes: the grand prize with first, second, and third place prizes of $25K, $15K, and $10K respectively and first, second, and third place prizes of $5K, $3K and $2K respectively in each of five categories:





        Napkin Sketches

The categories are inspirational rather than definitive, because they hate being pigeonholed as much as anyone. The architecture and places category invites visions that invoke a sense of place, presence, or of an object.  If the narrative drives your vision then go for storytelling. Education spans the gap from well-taught lessons to refrigerator masterpieces. If realizing an interactive graphic novel or just selling a gag using a few panels with gutters and bubbles is your passion then go for comics. Lastly, napkin sketches capture all else (as well as spills), with emphasis on minimalism and eureka moments.

By joining the Mental Canvas Community, you will not only find kindred souls, but will also be provided with exclusive access to training webinars, kept abreast of the newest tricks Mental Canvas has to offer, and invited to take part in weekly challenges to show off your chops. With fame, comes exposure, and possible referrals to their media partners.

Eligibility Criteria

        This challenge is for everyone. This is not a competition for the most complex or technical creation, it’s an opportunity to reimagine what drawing can be. And we’re here to help! When you register for the challenge, you will have access to live training sessions and webinars.

        Only 1 person can submit an entry. It is your responsibility to share the prize if you collaborated with others to create the entry.

        Anyone can submit who is over the age of 13 at the time of submission. If you are a minor in the jurisdiction in which you reside, you must have the consent of your parent or legal guardian and have them fill out the contact information section of registration.

        Only individuals can submit, but you can collaborate with colleagues if your organization approves of it. It is your responsibility to share the prize if you collaborated with others to create the entry.

Geographical Restrictions

        The Challenge is global, but there may be some restrictions.

        Please note: The Contest is void in the Crimea region of Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Quebec, Puerto Rico and anywhere else such contests are prohibited or restricted by law.

deadline: 11-Oct-21 For more information, visit