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Институт показателей и оценки здоровья приглашает номинантов на премию Ру 2021


The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) is inviting nominations for the 2021 Roux Prize to honor individuals or groups from around the world who have used health evidence in bold, innovative and impactful ways.

David and Barbara Roux established the $100,000 Roux Prize in 2013 to reward innovation in the application of disease burden research. The prize recognizes the person who has used health evidence in bold ways to make people healthier – and to highlight just what’s possible when visionaries use health evidence to change lives.

Prize Information

Each year, the winner receives $100,000 that can be put toward anything that the winner wishes.

Eligibility Criteria

Nominations are welcomed from across the globe. Preference is given to individuals, but groups are eligible. Self-nominations are discouraged. Current full-time faculty, fellows, or employees of IHME and the University of Washington are not eligible.


        Upon notification, the award must be accepted by the recipient within a term decided by IHME, and be received by the recipient at the Roux Prize Awards Ceremony in 2021.

        If a group, rather than an individual, receives the award, the prize will be evenly divided among them. Each will receive an award citation and medal.

        Awards are made to residents of any country without restriction of gender, race, religion, creed, or nationality.

        All selections are final and are not subject to review or challenge.

        The winner will be announced prior to the award ceremony in 2021.

Deadline: 28-Feb-21

For more information, visit http://www.healthdata.org/roux-prize/nominations