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Atlas Corps приглашает лидеров по социальным изменениям для стипендий


Atlas Corps invites social change leaders from around the world to apply for the Blended and In-Person Fellowships and the Virtual Leadership Institute!

Atlas Corps is dedicated to providing rising nonprofit leaders with opportunities to obtain additional skills those leaders will require to have an even greater impact. Atlas Corps does not want to take highly experienced senior-level directors away from the important work they are doing and does not want to recruit students to participate in this program since they may not have enough relevant experience to share with organizations.

Fellows – but not their dependents – receive:

        Program-related international travel

        Program-related domestic travel

        Basic health insurance that covers new injuries and illnesses (or funds to purchase basic health insurance)

        Monthly stipend for basic living expenses in the city where the Fellow is placed (shared housing, food, local transportation, and a phone plan)

        Documentation (DS-2019) that enables the Fellow to obtain a J-1 visa

        Placement with a Host Organization

        Participation in the Atlas Corps Global Leadership Lab (leadership development training series).

Eligibility Criteria

        Two or more years of full-time professional experience working to address critical social issues;

        Bachelor’s degree or equivalent;

        English proficiency (oral, writing, reading);

        Age 35 or younger;

        Citizens of EVERY country (except the U.S.) are eligible to apply to all our programs.

Additional requirements for the Blended Fellowship and In-Person Fellowship in the U.S.:

        Commitment to return to your home country after the 12-18 month Fellowship;

        Commitment to living on a basic stipend that only covers food, shared housing, and local transportation.

Additional requirements for the Virtual Leadership Institute:

        Technological capacity to participate in video calls (1-2 per month);

        Availability to commit to 2-3 hours of online activity and assignments per week for 7 months.

Deadline: 23-Oct-20 For more information, visit https://atlascorps.org/apply/