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Программа грантов Глобального водного фонда



Water, Sanitation Any The Global Water Foundation is in the service of humanity: to help make the world a better place, a healthier place, a safer place and

Any time Grant amounts are determined by the scope of  2020 ultimately a place of peace and prosperity. Focus Areas:  Strictly water and sanitation-related programmes and projects  Strictly water and sanitation-related education issues  Strictly water and sanitation-related technology issues What types of Support they Offered?  Local initiatives are prioritised through direct grants, based on reviewed project proposals, which include clear guidelines on monitoring and evaluation of the project processes.  Both new and existing local projects are considered for direct grants: existing projects are supported with the clear understanding of scaling them up by using unique or innovative methodologies; new projects are supported depending on whether they fulfill the criteria set out for specific project types.  Replication projects are supported through direct grants, where innovative ideas have been successful and need funding for expansion. This applies to implementation projects as well as product development.  Repayable grants are given to SMMEs and local entrepreneurs to develop or make available simple technologies or services and create the necessary local markets. Local entrepreneurs often lack access to the project  http://www.globalwaterfoundation.org/index.php?page=grant