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Создание и мобилизация инновационных знаний для решения проблем регионального образования


The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) are inviting expressions of interest (EoIs) from individual organizations or consortia of multiple organizations, for projects to generate and mobilize knowledge so national education systems in developing country contexts can address shared policy challenges related to improving access, quality and the performance of their systems.

This call is part of the Global Partnership for Education Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (KIX), which is a joint endeavor between GPE and IDRC. The goal of KIX is to strengthen national education systems and accelerate educational progress in the Global South by filling knowledge gaps, increasing access to evidence, and strengthening systems to support the generation and uptake of evidence and innovations in GPE member countries.


The objectives of this regional call for expressions of interest are to:

        Build knowledge about innovative solutions to shared policy challenges in GPE member countries and how their positive impacts can be scaled;

        Support the use of that knowledge in and across education systems for policy, practice and technological development and implementation;

        Strengthen capacities to generate and use knowledge and innovation for education.

This call is designed to respond to the demands of GPE member countries for knowledge and innovation. Each KIX Regional Hub led a process from March – July 2020 across GPE member countries to identify shared policy challenges for public education systems. The process involved consultation with key national education policymakers from GPE member countries, Local Education Groups (LEGs), education experts in the region, plus review of education sector plans and regional education analyses.

The priority identification process shapes the agenda of the regional Hub and is also the basis through which IDRC selected the challenges to include in this regional call. These challenges were chosen because they:

        align with KIX’s focus on national education systems from early childhood to early secondary school levels,

        address important knowledge gaps,

        can help improve gender equality, equity and inclusion in and through education

        are immediately relevant to specific countries in the region with possibility for broader applicability. In this call, expressions of interest are invited to address one or more of four policy challenges shared among GPE member countries in Europe, Asia and the Pacific:

        Realizing the potential of new curricula

        Optimizing the use of Education Management Information Systems (EMIS)

        Ensuring inclusive access and stronger learning outcomes for girls and boys

        Improving distance teaching and learning

Funding Information

        KIX will allocate up to CA7.75 million through this call, with individual projects receiving funding between CA$750,000 and CA$1.20 million.

        Projects can be up to 31 months in duration

Eligibility Criteria

This call will prioritize funding to organizations based in countries that make up the KIX EAP region (Annex A). In addition, organizations based in these regions are welcome to apply: Central Asia, Caucasus, Eastern Europe; Middle East and North Africa, South Asia, East Asia and Pacific Islands. Expressions of interest must be submitted by nationally/internationally registered or incorporated organizations in the region covered by the call. These could include, but are not limited to, civil society organizations, research institutions, universities, think tanks, network secretariats and associations, non-profits or private sector, based in the region. Proposals should demonstrate that the organization submitting an expression of interest is working in and has relationships with relevant education stakeholders in the target countries. An applicant organization/lead organization must have legal corporate registration and capacity to administer foreign funds.

        Individual organizations based in the specified countries and regions.

        Groups of up to three organizations working in a consortium. Expressions of interest from consortia must name one lead organization. The lead organization must be an organization based in the region where research will take place, as described above. Other consortium members may include members from within the region; national, regional or international offices of multi-lateral organizations or international NGOs; or other organizations from outside the region.

        Private Sector: Expressions of interest from or that include private sector partners are welcome. Such applications should demonstrate how private sector resources – financial or technical know how-will contribute to the project, in partnership with others.

Ineligibility Criteria


        Government ministries and agencies are not eligible for funding but can be involved in projects.

        For-profit providers of core education services.

Deadline: 2-Sep-20 For more information, visit https://www.idrc.ca/en/funding/call-expressions-interest-kix-europe-asia-and-pacific-region-generating-and-mobilizing