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Конкурс предложений для пилотных проектов в рамках Партнерства по пластиковым отходам



The call for proposals for pilot projects under the Basel Convention’s Plastic Waste Partnership is now open until Thursday 24 September 2020.

 Pilot projects are to be implemented under the Basel Convention Partnership on Plastic Waste (PWP) to improve and promote the environmentally sound management (ESM) of plastic waste and to prevent and minimize its generation.  The pilot projects are expected to deliver benefits for developing country Parties or Parties with economies in transition and support the delivery of the overall activities of the Partnership working group and in particular its four project groups on: i. Plastic waste prevention and minimization; ii. Plastic waste collection, recycling and other recovery including financing and related markets; iii. Transboundary movements of plastic waste; and iv. Outreach, education and awareness-raising.

 Proposals are welcomed from Parties and Basel and Stockholm Convention Regional and Coordinating Centres, as well as any not-for-profit entities and non-Party States that have observer status under the Basel Convention. Proposals can be submitted for an indicative budget of USD 50,000 to 80,000 and an indicative timeframe of 1218 months. 

Further information, including the eligibility criteria for proponents and projects and the application procedure, is available on the Basel Convention website at: http://www.basel.int/Implementation/Plasticwaste/PlasticWastePartnership/Pilotprojects .  

 For any questions, please contact the Secretariat: susan.wingfield@brsmeas.org  and melisa.lim@brsmeas.org .