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1) Objective

ALIPH is a non-profit foundation that has been granted the status of an international organization, to contribute to the protection of cultural heritage in conflict areas. It is a unique global initiative gathering public and private funders created to financially support initiatives that concern prevention, protection and rehabilitation of cultural heritage threatened or damaged by conflict. ALIPH will prioritize concrete projects with a direct impact on the ground. They will aim at selecting projects that reaffirm the founding principles of ALIPH, including the belief that protecting heritage in conflict areas should contribute to reinforcing values such as peace and reconciliation, international solidarity, social cohesion and living together, cultural diversity, education and capacity building, local and sustainable development, and gender equality.

ALIPH wishes to intervene worldwide, wherever applicants consider and can document that heritage is at risk due to conflict. The notion of conflict is interpreted from a broad perspective to encompass interstate conflicts, civil wars, asymmetrical conflicts, terrorism, violent unrest and other sudden disruptions that lead to instability. Applicants must demonstrate that the heritage targeted was damaged because of conflict, is threatened by conflict or suffered collateral damage from conflict. Through its call for projects, ALIPH will study proposals and select the most sustainable and relevant projects addressing critical situations and fostering deep collaboration between institutions. This call aims at identifying projects with a solid scientific ground that will achieve long-term results.

ALIPH finances projects in three areas with specific expected outcomes: (1) Preventive protection measures: Outcome: Mitigating the risks and lessening the damages; (2) Emergency actions during conflicts: Outcome: Securing cultural heritage at risk; and (3) Post-conflict actions: Outcome: Making heritage available again for local populations (restoration, rehabilitation…).

2) Eligibility

Eligible applicants are: (1) Institutions in charge of the protection, conservation and promotion of cultural heritage; (2) International, intergovernmental, and national institutions; and (3) Private organizations (foundation, NGO, non-profit, charity, associations, etc.).

3) Location

Actions can takes place in various countries worldwide.

4) Budget

ALIPH did not set minimum or maximum amounts, however applicants will need to make a strong case about the value for money of the project, and a detailed description of the use of the funds through a realistic budget. The budget can cover several consecutive years if the project justifies longer term support.

5) Application

All applications must be submitted through their online platform. Applicants must submit their proposals before 16 March 2020, 3 p.m. CET.