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Возможность финансирования научных исследований в размере 50 000 долларов США от премии USAID / FFP

The USAID/Food for Peace-funded SCALE Award (Strengthening Capacity in Agriculture, Livelihoods & Environment) is seeking research proposals from implementing partners, with the aim of building the evidence base for interventions at the intersection of agriculture and the management of water resources.

The objective of SCALE’s Evidence of Impact Technical Support is to enable implementing organizations to build the evidence base for practices and approaches that have the potential to enhance the impact, sustainability and scalability of FFP-funded emergency or development activities related to agriculture, natural resource management (NRM) and offfarm livelihoods.

SCALE plans to cover the costs of research support (up to $50,000) for one Evidence of Impact study under this call.

Duration of Research Support

The duration of this support may be up to 1 year from the date of award.

Technical Focus

This request for proposals focuses on interventions at the intersection of agriculture and the management of water resources. Illustrative Evidence of Impact subject areas could include, but are not limited to, the following:

        Water harvesting and use in agriculture

        Permagarden or kitchen garden approaches designed for efficient water use

        Semi-arid or arid farm/NRM management

        Agricultural extension services related to efficient water use in agriculture

        Social & behavior change communications (SBCC) related to water management for agriculture

        Resource governance and peacebuilding around shared water use as it relates to agriculture/NRM

        Impact measurement of water retention and/or quality

        Gender integration in resilient agriculture programming

Illustrative research might include, for example:

        A comparison study of multiple crop production systems to determine their relative impact on soil health and water retention.

        Piloting of an SBCC strategy to encourage uptake of water harvesting techniques in a refugee camp or dryland area.

        Evaluation of a governance approach to manage water conflict between agriculturalists or pastoralists and other users

        Testing the most effective means of encouraging uptake of water management approaches in semiarid areas.

What is the funding for?

This research support can include technical guidance from a research consultant or institution that can assist the successful applicant with research design, data collection, tool development and/or analysis. Such support may be remote, in-country or a combination of both, depending on award needs. The final funding level will depend on context, relevance, quality, needs, and availability of funding and competing priorities.

Note: No direct funding will be awarded to the successful applicant, SCALE will cover the costs of the consultant and/or research organization with the skills necessary to assist with conducting the chosen study.

Applicants must be organizations that are currently implementing a development or emergency program, regardless of the funder.

Deadline: 31 July 2019 For more information, please visit https://www.fsnnetwork.org/request-research-proposals-scale-evidence-impact-technical-support