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Конкурс социальных инноваций Академии гражданского общества

Applications are open for the Civil Society Academy Social Innovation Challenge 2019. The Challenge aims at developing ground-breaking innovations to tackle hunger and social injustice over the next 18 months. The process includes application of innovators on two specific challenges, a design thinking process, development of prototypes as well as piloting of the most promising solutions. The Social Innovation Challenge is a collective effort of Civil Society Academy, Welthungerhilfe and Impact Hub.


·        Challenge 1: How might we support rural women and their families to access public services that truly help them escape hunger and injustice?
They seek solutions that

o   Support vulnerable women improving their awareness, access and quality of services and help ensuring their rights at the local level

o   Improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of state services

o   Provide radical alternatives to current models of service delivery

·        Challenge 2: How might we support social activists and concerned citizens to become more powerful in combating hunger and injustice?
They seek solutions that

o   Magnify the voice of concerned citizens, social activists and their constituency to influence state policies at all levels

o   Provide radical and effective alternatives to existing advocacy or campaign methods

o   Support the international community in developing and enforcing global standards related to hunger and injustice


·        Selected innovators from diverse backgrounds will participate in a 4-day Design Workshop;

·        The best 8 concepts & innovators will be awarded with up to 3,000 EURO and a holistic support system to further develop the prototype;

·        A 3-month Prototyping: Develop prototype, Design & branding, First field tests, Acquire support, Customer need & Emotional resonance, Piloting plan;

·        4 innovation concepts will be further selected for a one-year stipends of up to 40,000 EURO and further support


·        Open to creative people that have a passion for Zero Hunger and Social Justice

·        Doers, that can take ideas forward

·        Visionaries with different skills and from different backgrounds – from smaller and larger Civil Society organisations, from Businesses and State actors

·        Innovators with great ideas relevant to the challenge in Africa and Asia

Deadline: January 25, 2019 For more information, visit Social Innovation Challenge.