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Elrha is currently accepting applications for “Taking a Local Perspective on Measuring the Impact of GBV Programmes in Emergencies” with an aim to generate new context-based perspectives and insights to inform and progress the global agenda on measuring the impact of emergency programmes on GBV.

This Funding Call aims to support the critical first stage of their innovation lifecycle

        Recognition– Recognition of a specific problem or opportunity.

        Search– Search for existing solutions to the problem.

        Adaptation– Adaptation of a solution from elsewhere that requires significant rethinking of certain elements.

        Invention– Invention of a solution through the generation of new ideas.

        Pilot– Testing a potential solution to learn whether and how it works in a complex real-world environment.

        Scale– Scaling the impact of an innovation to better match the size of the social problem it seeks to address.

The Challenge

To collectively review and analyse the practices used to measure the impact of GBV programmes in one specific humanitarian context and identify tangible opportunities for innovation.

Key Output: selected consortia will be expected to generate a Lessons learned and Opportunities document at the end of the grant-funded period, that will:

        Review and analyse current practices to measure the impact of GBV programmes in one specific humanitarian context, including:

        The key challenges to measuring the impact of GBV programmes in that context

        The key challenges to translating data into better programming

        Practices which are successfully measuring the impact of GBV programmes in context

        Identify up to 3 innovation opportunities for measuring the impact of GBV programming more effectively within the context identified, including:

        Presentation and documentation of these innovation opportunities

        Succinct presentation of  applicant’s suggested approach for exploring these opportunities for innovation

Funding Information & Criteria

        Elrha is seeking to support up to five Consortia with grants of up to £50,000 each.

        The grant funding may be used for travel, building effective partnerships, coordination and convening of focus groups, synthesis of relevant information and perspectives and initial ideation processes.

To be eligible, proposals will need to meet all of the requirements below:

        Focus and context

        Elrha will only accept proposals that are looking at humanitarian response settings and GBV in emergencies, meeting the Global Humanitarian Assistance definition they use. There is no preferred geographic focus or particularly emergency settings prioritised for the call, as long as conforming with the above.

        Proposals need to clearly define the context for the grant-funded initiative.


        The Lead applicant should demonstrate a track record ofat least 3-5 years’ experience of working on GBV in emergencies in the chosen humanitarian context.

        The Consortium should be highly experienced in GBV as grounded in the identified humanitarian context.

        The Consortium should demonstrate excellent understanding of global GBV initiatives and standards influencing directly and indirectly in-country practice to address GBV.

        The Consortium should show an understanding ofand ability to adhere to International Humanitarian Principlesand the Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief.

        Each Consortium is welcome to bring any other relevant area(s) of expertise to better address the challenge . For example: design thinking, behavioural change…

        Type of Consortium

        A collaborative group of actors, newly formed or pre-existing, the majority of which are situated and led locally (E.g. INGO’s in-country offices, national NGO’s, NPO’s, government representatives, communities, academia…).

        Only consortium applications will be accepted, and applications from a single organisation are not eligible for this call. Only one application can be submitted per Consortium.

        An organisation can only be the Lead Applicant in one application/Consortium fora given context.

        Lead Applicant

        The Lead applicant must: Be a non-profit institution such as

        a non-governmental organisation/NGO,

        a Public or governmental institution, or

        an Academic or research institution

        Have legal status and be registered in the country of implementation

        Not act as an intermediary but be directly responsible for the preparation, management and implementation of the grant-funded project proposed.

        Applications will not be considered eligible if:

        The application is incomplete or submitted after the deadline

        Requested documents are not uploaded in full

        The proposed activity period/budget exceeds the maximum duration of the grant/maximum grant award allowed

        The applicant, project or costs are not eligible

Deadline: 7 October 2018 For more information, please visit Elrha.