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Приглашение к участию в тендере - Анализ и разработка методов Статьи 6 Парижского соглашения

Invitation to tender - Analysis and method development Article 6 Paris Agreement

The Swedish Energy Agency (SEA) hereby invites you to participate in the procurement of Analysis and method development Article 6 Paris agreement. SEA intend to sign a framework agreement with 3 suppliers. The Paris Agreement, marks a milestone in the development of the architecture of international cooperation on mitigating climate change. Sweden seeks to contribute to the development of international collaboration under Article 6 of the Paris agreement, with focus on analysis and development of methods.The procurement area includes analysis and method development on how to ensure environmental integrity, additionality, avoid double counting, and create incentives for increased ambition through Article 6. Assignments may include analysis on measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) and developing methods for measures on a sector level. To enable effective collaboration under Article 6, significant analysis and method development is also required regarding financial models, and how to incentivize mobilization of climate finance from the private sector. The purpose of the analysis is to contribute to analysis around the rule book of Article 6, and prepare for measures under Article 6, with the aim to contribute to increased ambition.

Tender closing date: 22/06/2018 23:59 Register at TendSign to see the details and submit a tender: https://tendsign.com/doc.aspx?UniqueId=afonskoyyr http://www.swedishenergyagency.se