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Награда ЮНЕСКО-Япония по образованию в интересах устойчивого развития


The 2018 call for nominations of the UNESCO-Japan Prize on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), which is still open for submissions until Thursday, 3rd May (midnight, Paristime). It is endowed with USD 50,000 for each of the 3 laureates and will be awarded at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris in October.

Eligible for the Prize are individuals, institutions and organizations with a specific ESD project or programme having been running for at least 4 years and meeting the criteria of transformation, integration and innovation.

Please note that nominations can only be submitted by governments of UNESCO Member States, and by NGOs in official partnership with UNESCO. Interested candidates are, therefore, advised to contact the
National Commission for UNESCO of their country, or a partner NGO in official relations with UNESCO.

Further information can be found here:

Nomination process and Call 2018

Selection criteria


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