Экофорум  негосударственных  некоммерческих  организаций  Узбекистана

Лагерь для преподавателей в области цифровых коммуникаций

Digital Communication Network  is happy to announce Training for Trainers Camp to take place on 19-21 April, 2018 in Ukraine!
We will help you advance from just a trainer to the Rock Star Trainer! The Camp will host four small groups of participants, each will pump the skills on one of the selected topics:

·        Social media campaigns

·        Storytelling

·        Data Journalism

·        Government communication

All the expenses on the ground (training, ground transportation, accommodation and board) are covered by the organizers. Your travel to Ukraine is your in-kind contribution and investment into future. Deadline: 12.03.2018    digicomnet.org