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Программа Energy Layout 2030

We now have a wealth of energy sources to choose from, including a growing range of renewable energy technologies. Energy drives development and has a bright futur ahead. However, because of population growth, climate change, technological innovations, higher living standards and economic development, this industry is facing many ambitious challenges... Hence, innogy needs your help to rethink and optimize the energy efficiency system of the future. The best projects to imagine the energy management of 2030 and help innogy to better sustain its users in the future, will win many prizes, benefit from a support from innogy to develop their solution and get a chance to leave their mark in our changing world! Do not waste another second, create or join a team of 2 to 5 persons, choose one of the topics bellow,submit your innovative idea!In a team of 2 to 5 people, you will have to project yourself in the future to imagine what the production, distribution or use of energy will look like in 2030.Based on these projections, you will then have to come up with an idea or concept that will allow innogy to better support its users in the future. Your project may as well be a service or a product.Teams selected for the second step of the challenge will receive advice from innogy mentors. These professionals will guide you and help you in the deepening of your solution, so you can learn from innogy experts and create professional links with them. Finally, the 5 teams selected for the final will be invited to pitch their project at innogy headquarters in Essen, in front of a prestigious jury made up of company executives and experts.
Deadline 19 March