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Стипендии для женщин для получения MBA

The IAF Women's Scholarships support INSEAD's commitment to bring outstanding women professionals to the MBA Programme and to increase representation of women in leadership positions in the business community.
INSEAD seeks bright, dynamic and motivated women who are making significant achievements in their professional and/or personal lives. 
Merit scholarships will be awarded to recognize these outstanding women. Their financial situation may also be taken into consideration. 
Eligible groups - Female citizens of ANY country of the world
Fields of study - Masters level course programs in Business Administration (i.e. MBA)
The value of the scholarship award is up to € 15,000 (in the past, awards ranged between € 5,000 to € 15,000)
Method of Application
To be considered for these scholarships please submit your application on line before the specified deadlines. See deadline dates below. Candidates will also be considered for the INSEAD Judith Connelly Delouvrier Scholarships. 
You will also be required to submit an essay. The Essay topic:

1.           In approximately 350 words please answer the following questions: Women are still not equally represented in the business world. What can be done about this? What have you contributed to date to address this issue, and what do you expect to contribute in the future?

2.           In approximately 150-200 words explain why a women's scholarship at INSEAD would be important to you and outline any factors that you feel would distinguish you from other candidates.

3.           What amount of award do you consider appropriate? Discuss. (approximately 150 words)

It is important to carefully read through the Scholarship application guideline, and to see the current INSEAD Alumni Fund (IAF) Women's Scholarship(s) page, and to visit the official website (link to it is below) for complete information on this scholarship application.
Submission of applications is for 2 classes -- July class (starts in September) and December class (starts in January). INSEAD offers a staged application process, with three deadlines for each of the two intakes per year. For the July 2019 class, application submissions for Round 3 applications OPENS 05 March 2018 and CLOSES 19 March 2018.
For the December 19 Class, application submissions for Round 1 OPENS 23rd April 2018 and CLOSES 7th May 2018; Round 2 applications OPEN 11th June 2018 and CLOSES 25th June 2018; and Round 3 applications OPEN 30th July 2018 and CLOSES 13th August 2018.
More Scholarship Information and Application