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Фонд Rising Tide запускает конкурс предложений «Свобода на практике»



The Rising Tide Foundation has launched a call for proposals to promote freedom and prosperity.

Rising Tide Foundation’s mission is to promote freedom to improve quality of life everywhere. The foundation supports projects that enhance freedom and prosperity in society.

Their philanthropic strategy is to support projects that articulate and promote these core beliefs, projects that eliminate the obstacles which impede creative individuals, projects that give a “hand-up,” rather than just a “hand-out”.

Specifically, they seek to find projects that:

       Develop private sector solutions to societal problems

       Offer solutions to the problems created by government and crony capitalist interventions. Projects that offer strategies for making such interventions unnecessary and unattractive going forward

       Design and implement programs that enhance individuals’ capacities for self-determination, individual choice, and peaceful, voluntary cooperation in society

       Discover methods to teach freedom in more effective ways or to new, untapped audiences

Focus Areas

They believe that Freedom is the most important explanatory factor driving and shaping human wellbeing around the world and see a substantial contribution through projects that show tangible impacts in at least one of the following areas:

       Private Sector Solutions

       System Change

       Empowerment of Individuals

       Teaching Freedom

Funding Information

       Grant Duration Projects can last up to 5 years. Project activation is expected within 6 months after funding notification and direct beneficiary impact must be achieved within 3 years.

       Long Term Funding Creating financial dependencies and raising expectations for funding continuation is avoided. Applicants are challenged to plan out their projects from beginning to end. One-time funding is preferred. Second-time funding is considered under exceptional circumstances.

       Funding Amount: Funding amount is assessed based on the project’s needs. They do not provide maximum or average award amounts as they tend to vary from project to project.

       Geographic Focus: Preference is given to regions where the political infrastructure is robust enough to allow free market principles to expand and grow.

Eligibility Criteria

       They recognize that good ideas that advance freedom and prosperity around the globe can occur at any time in any place and they are open to entertaining these proposals no matter where they come from.

What they don’t Fund?

They are unable to support the following funding requests:

       Unrestricted donations

       Direct grants to individuals

       Political campaigns or legislative lobbying efforts

       Projects that exclusively serve religious purposes

       Building projects or renovations, including construction materials and labor costs

       Payment of debts, living costs, travel bursaries or personal needs

       Organisations that are not tax-exempt

       Projects that do not fit our programmatic strategy

       Organisations that do not share their set of values and principles.

Deadline: Ongoing Opportunity For more information, visit https://www.risingtide-foundation.org/freedom-in-practice/grant-application