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Премия Energy Globe 2023



Nominations are now open for 2023 Energy Globe Award to present successful sustainable projects to a global audience and to demonstrate that for most of their environmental problems feasible solutions are already available.

The best projects will be honored as part of a ceremony that will be broadcast worldwide as well as featured in the international media. International winning projects for the award categories of Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Youth and Sustainable Start-Ups will also each receive a cash award.

Projects focusing on the conservation of resources, the improvement of air and water quality, the efficient use of energy, the implementation of renewable energies as well as creating a heightened awareness for issues related to climate change can be entered. No project is too small and none too big. Such projects also include ideas involving ways to heighten awareness (for example in schools) or projects geared towards a better protection of the environment and creating a more sustainable and worthwhile future for generations to come.



       Earth: Projects relating to agriculture, crops employable for energy, building materials, insulation, solar energy and overall energy efficient construction

       Fire: Projects relating to energy production, the efficient and sustainable use of energy in all fields of application

       Water: Projects relating to the use and processing of drinking water, waste water management as well as the preservation of water reserves

       Air: Projects relating to air pollution management – indoor and outdoor – improving air quality, overall climate protection and the reduction of CO2

       Youth: All sustainable projects to or implemented in conjunction with young people to improve environmental awareness

       Sustainable start-ups: This new category of the Energy Globe seeks to recognize start-ups in developing and emerging economies that have developed innovations that have transformative environmental benefits but also create new economic opportunities.


       All international award winners will receive cash prize of € 10,000, which is divided among the 6 categories.

       2000 € prize for each international Energy Globe World Award winner

       Recognition from international environmental experts

       Media exposure of your efforts to save the world

       Connections to prominent environmental activists

       Setting an example to others / Being a role model to others

       Free of charge participation

Eligibility Criteria

       Any company, organization (i.e. NGO, club, school, university), individual or public authority that contributes to climate change and other environmental issues.

       They award projects in the categories: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Youth and Sustainable Start-Ups. They are looking for projects that provide solutions to air, soil and water pollution, apply renewables and increase energy efficiency, demonstrate sustainable use of their planet’s resources, and contribute to the environmental education. No project is too big or too small!

       An applicant can submit more than one project. A project can be submitted in any country, regardless of whether they have awarded a project in this country before.

Deadline: Ongoing For more information, visit this link.