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USAID: ищет партнера по оценке для проведения среднесрочной оценки программы Youth Excel



The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Youth Excel, Leading Change program is seeking an experienced evaluation partner from a country receiving USAID assistance to conduct a mid-term evaluation of its global positive youth development and implementation research activities.

The evaluation partner will collaborate with IREX to conduct the mid-term evaluation, which will be a performance evaluation with the main goals of identifying Youth Excel’s progress towards its intermediate outcomes and determining key lessons learned, which will inform course-corrections and/or adaptations for the remaining years of project implementation.


        Local youth-led and youth-serving organizations will improve and sustain positive outcomes for youth

        Local youth-led and youth-serving organizations will advance local, national, and global development agendas

Funding & Duration Information

        One award is available for up to $250,000 for 6 months from October 2022 to March 2023.


To achieve goals and outcomes and subsequently elevate and sustain youth-led development, Youth Excel’s main activities include,

        co-creating a gender-responsive PYD IR toolkit;

        catalyzing youth-led, issue based networks to use IR to tackle cross-sectoral challenges while building capacity in IR and digital leadership and advocacy skills;

        strengthening youth researcher networks;

        facilitating inclusive youth-adult data summits,

        providing models for aligned intergenerational collaboration;

        deepening engagement and commitment by the public and private sector in youth-led research and learning;

        disseminating learning and evidence broadly;

        co-creating collaborative advocacy agendas; and

        linking youth to global platforms while iteratively learning and adapting our approaches


        Improved performance of local youth-led or youth-serving partners in implementation research to strengthen PYD programming

        Increased engagement by relevant local and national stakeholders in youth-led implementation research to support PYD outcomes

        Improved synthesis, dissemination, and integration of findings from research into programming among local YL/YSOs and other non-traditional partners.

Eligibility Criteria

        Local or locally established organizations based in countries receiving USAID assistance that meet the eligibility criteria and share Youth Excel objectives. Applicants should have capacity and experience in quantitative and qualitative research, including youth-led participatory approaches, and experience working on the Youth Excel technical areas, interventions, and targeted geographic regions. Organizations led by and serving youth, including those from marginalized groups which may include age, gender, disability, ethnicity, and other identities, are encouraged to apply.

        Legally registered in an eligible country

        Non-governmental or private organization

        Eligible to receive USAID funding:

        Able to obtain Unique Entity ID

        Able to sign ADS 303mav Certifications, Assurances, Representations, and Other Statements of the Recipient

Deadline: 22-Aug-22 For more information, visit https://www.irex.org/program/seeking-evaluation-partner-conduct-youth-excel-mid-term-evaluation?utm_campaign=Evaluation+Partner