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Гранты от Инициативы по защите диких животных


The Wild Animal Initiative is pleased to launch the Small Grants Program to empower wild animal welfare researchers to explore topics neglected by other funders.

They support research that advances their understanding of the fundamental concepts, novel methods, and preliminary interventions that will most rapidly accelerate progress in the field.

Thematic Areas

They are currently soliciting proposals on the following themes:

       Innovative methods for measuring wild animal welfare

       Innovative methods for monitoring wild animal welfare

       Population regulation


Funding Information

       Grant size $2,000 – $30,000

       They prioritize funding for direct research costs such as for supplies, materials, and travel. Funding for other expense areas (such as stipends, salaries, or durable goods) should be fully justified relative to the project goals.

Eligibility Criteria

This call is open to anyone, but they are especially interested in supporting postdocs and PhD students pursuing a long-term research career in the field of wild animal welfare, and researchers who have not previously included welfare considerations in their work. They particularly encourage applications from communities underrepresented in the sciences, including but not limited to people of color, self-identified women, and non-binary individuals.

Wild Animal Initiative provides grants for research projects that help us understand and improve the lives of wild animals. Eligible projects will shed light on one of the following questions:

       What are the subjective experiences of wild animals like?

       What strategies can they use to improve the welfare of wild animals responsibly?

They will prioritize eligible projects insofar as they:

       Are especially likely to enable or motivate further welfare-relevant research, such as by establishing foundational concepts, developing novel methods, or engaging with areas of active discourse.

       Are especially unlikely to attract interest from other funders.

       Are relevant to especially numerous taxa.

Deadline: 30-Jun-22 For more information, visit https://www.wildanimalinitiative.org/cfp-april-2022