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Основная программа грантов Дарвиновской инициативы


The Darwin Initiative’s Main Grant Program is now open to deliver strong results for biodiversity conservation and poverty reduction based on good evidence, and strongly demonstrate to potential to scale.

The Darwin Initiative will support and influence stakeholders to incorporate biodiversity considerations in achieving poverty reduction, through evidence and best practices, and targeting the outcome: Stakeholders, including local communities, governments, demonstrate sustained improvement in policy and practice that results in gains for biodiversity and reduced poverty.


Elements of successful Darwin Initiative projects are likely to include:

       Enhancing the Capability and Capacity of national and local stakeholders, to help ensure a project’s long-term legacy.

       Delivering outputs that will achieve both biodiversity conservation and poverty reduction.

       Strengthen the adoption or use of evidence and best practices in biodiversity conservation and poverty reduction.

Funding Information

Darwin Initiative Main invites applications for environmental projects between £100,000 and £600,000.


       Lead Partners can be based anywhere, but they strongly encourage projects to have in-country Lead Partners.

       All projects are strongly expected to seek and work with in-country partners, with the meaningful and early engagement of in-country stakeholders.

       All projects must consider how they will contribute to reducing inequality between genders, with activities expected to generate net benefits for women and girls.

       Darwin Initiative is entirely Official Development Assistance (ODA) funded, and therefore projects must promote the economic development and welfare of developing countries as a primary objective, and the eligible countries projects will in practice be expected to be mostly focused on Low Income and Lower Middle-Income countries.

       Upper Middle-Income countries (UMICs) are eligible, however, projects applying to work in a UMIC must clearly demonstrate a stronger case for support. This includes operating in areas of high importance for biodiversity and a clear poverty reduction need. Such applications must also clearly demonstrate that they will also:

       advance knowledge, evidence and impact in Least Developed or Low-Income Countries, or

       contribute to a global public good, for example by advancing understanding and/or strengthening the knowledge base related to biodiversity conservation/sustainable use and poverty reduction, or

       contribute to serious and unique advancements on a critical issue as a result of specific circumstances of the upper-middle income country that could not be made elsewhere.

Deadline: 25-Jul-22 For more information, visit https://www.darwininitiative.org.uk/apply/