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Всемирный форум за демократию 2022 г. – 10-е издание


The World Forum for Democracy calls for expressions of interest from innovative initiatives aiming at enhancing democracy and reversing democratic decline from all over the world.

The World Forum for Democracy is a platform for global dialogue and democratic participation which brings new ideas into the work of the Council of Europe and promotes its principles across the world. A unique event of its kind, it deals with challenges facing democracy, taking innovative initiatives and practices as a starting point and fostering constructive debate to find solutions.

A democratic exercise, the Forum aims at giving the people – demos – their rightful place in political decision-making. It thus contributes to the evolution of democracy towards more participatory and inclusive structures and institutions.

Their objective is to address specific issues through the critical analysis of tested initiatives. The initiatives will be presented in short speeches of ten minutes and critically assessed by multidisciplinary panels and participants in the labs.

Key Issues:

       SOS Democracy in Distress

       Can we swing back the pendulum?

       Democra cy defended – From decline to rebirth?


They invite initiatives addressing topics including, but not limited to :

       Deliberative democracy and public policy

       Building resilient, participatory and connected communities through new forms of civic engagement and public-private partnerships

       Activism targeting the issues of underrepresented groups, minorities, indigenous communities, immigrants, refugees

       Showing non-traditional democratic models improving citizens’ participation

       Civic education, new platforms for developing informed, engaged democracy

       Addressing the wealth gap, new or more effective ways of lifting people out of poverty, crowdfunding activism

       Promoting accountability of elected officials and their communication with citizens, targeting corruption, improving integrity of public life

       Reconciliation processes, truth-telling, restorative justice

       Advocacy, protection, support or aid for activists promoting democratic values

       Promoting intercultural dialogue, cultural diversity, and artistic expression as a method of citizens’ engagement with democracy

       Incentives for ethical governance, democratic participation or disincentives for polarizing, intolerant social behaviors and political extremism

       Preventing subversion of democratic processes, supporting fact-checking and countering biases

       Inclusion of non-citizens, children or other excluded groups into the democratic process

       Monitoring, tracking hate crimes, extremism, inequalities, polarization or other negative social/political trends.

Eligibility Criteria

       NGOs, think tanks, educational and civil society organisations can submit proposals.

       Any public or private organisation is eligible to apply. One presenter for the selected initiatives will be invited to Strasbourg to take part in the World Forum.

       Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the Council of Europe if required. In case travel and large gatherings will not be possible in November 2022, the World Forum for Democracy may be held under a different format.

Deadline: 15-Jun-22 For more information, visit https://www.coe.int/en/web/world-forum-democracy/forum-2022