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Получите финансирование до 100 000 долларов США: Digital X Global Challenges


Digital X is a Partnerships for Scale Programme developed by UNDP Chief Digital Office to find, match, and scale proven and innovative digital solutions around the world.

UNDP’s Digital X programme has created the opportunity for ten ambitious projects to scale in terms of both impact and geographical reach. Now, with continued funding by the Government of Japan, Digital X will build on that success to launch a new Digital X ‘Partnerships for Scale Programme’ that brings proven, ready-to-scale digital solutions to UNDP and the partners.

In preparation for this year’s challenge, the Digital X team worked with UNDP’s Global Policy Network to conduct a systematic scan of digital needs at country level.


This year’s programme builds on two long-standing goals.

       The primary focus of Digital X has been to take proven digital innovations and scale them,

       The secondary focus is to foster for UNDP and its government partners the capacity to widely leverage the plethora of ready-to-scale digital tools at their disposal, rather than reinvent the wheel.

Thematical Areas

These were synthesised into a series of Digital X Global Challenges that include the thematic areas of


       Crisis Response


       Inclusive Growth and Gender.

Why Apply to Digital X?

       Introductions to UNDP teams and governments in the 170 countries where UNDP operates.

       Opportunity to partner with UNDP teams on projects of up to USD 100,000 with adhoc mentoring support.

       Optional guidance on becoming a Digital Public Good and a chance for new funding opportunities.

What Problems is Digital X trying to solve?

They have designed Digital X to focus on the following problems:

       Governments and UNDP global network urgently need digital solutions: A well-designed digital solution can impact millions of lives and support populations in new and innovative ways.

       Building digital solutions from nothing rarely works:  Most digital solutions built by development professionals either reinvent the wheel, fail to adhere to the Principles for Digital Development, or fail to achieve meaningful impact.

       Lack of scaling what already works: The good news is that proven and readyto-scale digital solutions – that have scaled nationwide or across multiple countries – do exist.

Eligibility Criteria

       All UN agencies, social enterprises, nonprofits, and universities with digital solutions can apply.

       To be considered for selection, a digital solution must:

       be ready-to-scale (i.e. has a long-term owner, is sustainable, passes a tech review for safety, has scaled widely with target populations in at least one country, and has progressed past the idea or concept phase);

       Have a clear problem statement and unique value proposition;

       Have a demonstrated impact; and

       Demonstrate a commitment to ‘do no harm’ and embed data privacy considerations.

Deadline: 31-May-22 For more information, visit https://digitalx.undp.org/