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Программа грантов Exodus "Исследование без границ"


The Explorers Club is pleased to launch the Exodus Exploration without Boundaries Grant Program to support expeditions that further the understanding of the world through scientific, cultural and conservation fieldwork, led by explorers who may have taken alternative routes to acquire the skills necessary to conduct their research.

The Explorers Club and partner Exodus Travels believe that explorers are extraordinary individuals who set themselves apart in the pursuit of knowledge. They also believe that explorers come from all backgrounds and walks of life. They are thrilled to now be accepting applications for this opportunity to support explorers and advance the spirit of exploration around the globe.

The Explorers Club is grateful to Exodus Travels, for their support to make exploration more equitable. For nearly 50 years Exodus Travels has been dedicated to exploring this amazing planet they all share, supporting the communities they visit, and protecting the environments they travel to.

Funding Information

Grant Amounts: $4,000

Eligibility Criteria

Open to researchers of all skill levels who are 18 or older. Particular interest may be taken in projects led by indigenous explorers, or that benefit and amplify the work of indigenous explorers.

Deadline: 15-Nov-21 For more information, visit https://www.explorers.org/grants/