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Заявки на участие в программе 2022 World Fellows Program



The Yale University is currently accepting applications for the 2022 World Fellows program.

The Program provides World Fellows the opportunity to expand their vision, learn from each other, and grow personally and professionally. World Fellows contribute to Yale’s intellectual life, give talks and participate on panels, collaborate with peers, audit classes, and mentor students.

World Fellows are rising stars from across sectors and borders. They scour the globe looking for people who are thinking outside the box, challenging stale solutions and creating new ways to address the world’s biggest problems. Ideal World Fellow candidates have demonstrated impact, are on the rise in their careers and are ambitious to grow to their full potential.


Key components of the Program are:

       Weekly Seminars

       Good Society. World Fellows present to each other their vision for making the world a better place, what they do professionally, and how they contribute to building the ‘good society.’

       Salon. World Fellows host distinguished guests for discussions on key topics, expanding their knowledge and challenging their views.

       Personal Development

       World Fellows receive individual and group coaching and skills development training. World Fellows can audit many of the 2,000+ courses offered at Yale, work on individual or collaborative projects, and conduct independent research.

       Hosting Events

       World Fellows give talks and participate on panels across Yale, sharing their knowledge and expertise with students and faculty.

       Mentoring Students

       World Fellows mentor students (both undergraduate and graduate) who apply to be their liaisons. The student liaisons assist World Fellows in putting on events and ensure that they are fully immersed in life at Yale.

       Group Travel

       Fellows have the opportunity to explore the dynamic region, both on their own and during the group trips to New York City and Washington, DC, plus a retreat in the beautiful Berkshire mountains.


Compensation Package:

       A taxable stipend to cover the costs of living in New Haven

       A modest, furnished one, or two-bedroom apartment for the duration of the program

       Medical insurance

       Round-trip travel from home country

Eligibility Criteria

       Applicants should be between five and twenty-five years into their professional careers, with demonstrated and significant accomplishments at a regional, national, or international level. The average age of a World Fellow is 39, though there is no minimum or maximum age limit.

       Applicants must be citizens of a country other than the United States. While applicants who hold dual citizenship with the United States are eligible, strong preference is given to candidates whose work is focused outside the United States.

       Applicants must be fluent in English. An excellent command of the English language is essential to successfully participating in the program.

       World Fellows are required to be in residence at Yale University in New Haven for the entirety of the program which runs from mid-August through mid-December.


A few things to remember:

       You don’t need to be affiliated with Yale University to nominate a candidate. They encourage and accept nominations from anyone.

       Feel free to nominate more than one candidate.

       Please don’t nominate yourself. If you’d like to apply, you may sign up to be notified when the application becomes available.

       They give no preference to nominated candidates and a candidate does not need to be nominated in order to apply – this is simply the way of asking for your help to find the most dynamic, most creative, most innovative leaders out there.

       Multiple nominations of the same person do not increase their chance of being accepted.

Selection Criteria

Applicants Must Have:

       An established record of extraordinary achievement and integrity.

       A commitment to the good society and to making a positive impact at the local, national, or international level.

       A promise of a future career in leadership and notable global impact.

       A special capacity for critical, creative, entrepreneurial, and strategic thinking.

       A likelihood to benefit from participation in the program and to contribute to the global perspective on Yale’s campus.

       A commitment to a rigorous program of activities, to full-time residence at Yale for the entire duration of the program, and to mentoring students and speaking frequently on campus.

Deadline: 8-Dec-21

For more information, visit https://worldfellows.yale.edu/the-program/nominate-a-candidate/