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Applications are now open for the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) Fund for International Development to provide financial assistance to developing countries, particularly low-income countries, in support of their economic and social development efforts.

Types of Grants

Under its grant program, OPEC Fund could extend three types of grants:

       Grants for country-specific activities and projects: This type of grant could cover any of the following activities:

       Technical assistance grants for project preparation, including prefeasibility and feasibility studies, and final design of projects where there is potential for OPEC Fund’s participation;

       Grant components of a larger project and program financed by the OPEC Fund through its public sector (sovereign loans) and/or private sector and trade finance facilities;

       Institutional capacity building of relevant government agencies of partner countries (training of staff in project design, preparation, monitoring and evaluation) with the aim of facilitating the implementation of OPEC Fund operations and helping these agencies better prepare future projects;

       Stand-alone projects or activities that are not directly linked to a specific OPEC Fund project.

       Grants for special development initiatives of global or regional scope: This type of grant supports selected initiatives and programs aimed at addressing development challenges faced by OPEC Fund’s partner countries and which require a high level of cross-border cooperation.

       Emergency aid grants: OPEC Fund provides this type of grant in support of humanitarian relief operations, including material or logistical assistance delivered for humanitarian purposes. This aid also supports interventions aimed at rehabilitating basic infrastructure and restoring access to basic services in partner countries in the aftermath of conflicts or natural disasters.

Funding Information

The amount of OPEC Fund contribution will vary according to the scope and the nature of the proposed grant activity or project. However, and with the exception of emergency aid and small grants in amounts of up to US $ 100,000, OPEC Fund’s contribution to a stand-alone project should not exceed 50% of the total cost of the said project

General Principles

All grant applications should meet the following general principles:

       The requested grant should support initiatives and activities that present a clear and measurable development impact;

       The objectives of the proposed grant activities and projects / programs should be clearly aligned with the OPEC Fund’s strategic goals and priorities. Therefore, for country-specific grants, the OPEC Fund will prioritize project proposals and activities that are clearly linked to, could complement or support its existing operations in the country concerned.

       The proposed interventions and activities should be delivered in a cost-effective manner.

Eligible Activities

Eligible activities for grant financing include:

       Institutional capacity building and technical assistance;

       Knowledge production (sector and thematic studies) and dissemination in OPEC Fund priority sectors;

       Project preparation;

       Grant components of larger OPEC Fund Funded projects (eg training, procurement of small equipment, initial stock of medicine for a hospital, or textbooks for a school, and small infrastructure);

       Advocacy / outreach activities.

Eligibility Criteria

       In line with the Agreement establishing the OPEC Fund, developing countries other than OPEC Member Countries are eligible for OPEC Fund’s grant assistance, with special consideration to the needs of LDCs.

       While there is no country-based allocation of grants, the OPEC Fund aims at ensuring a balanced geographical distribution of its grant resources among eligible partner countries.

       Eligible partners are any government or non-government entity, including cofinancing partners, private sector entities, research entities, UN agencies and international NGOs.

       All grantees, should meet the following eligibility criteria:

       Provide evidence of currently valid legal registration under the laws of the country in which they operate, as well as evidence of a certificate to do business in the country in which they intend to carry out the relevant activity, if different from the place of legal registration.

       Have a good track record in the implementation of OPEC Fund projects and activities, and in the case of new partners, a good track record in executing / implementing similar donor Funded projects in the targeted region and country;

       Have proven technical expertise in the area / sector covered;

       Have appropriate organizational and management capacity, and show the existence of a sound financial system, including clear accounting and budgeting standards, audited financial statements that are audited by a registered auditor, a transparent budgeting process, and other indicators that confirm their capacity to assume fiduciary (supervision and implementation) responsibility for OPEC Fund.

Deadline: Ongoing For more information, visithttps://opecfund.org/what-we-offer/grants/grant-application