Экофорум  негосударственных  некоммерческих  организаций  Узбекистана

USAID запрашивает документы у предприятий агротуризма в Узбекистане



The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) announced a request for concept papers from private agritourism enterprises in Uzbekistan to boost domestic and regional tourism.

The Project is particularly interested in supporting and co-investing with private sector enterprises that want to employ women and youth in managerial, technical, and/or other decision-making positions.

Under this Announcement, youth is defined as individuals between the ages of 16 and 29 years old. The Project recognizes that some applicants may need technical assistance and/or training to fully-utilize the value-added technologies/equipment to be procured. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to specify their needs for technical assistance and/or training in their application.

Products and Services

Illustrative examples of value-added agritourism products and services include, but are not limited to:

       Direct-market agritourism

       Education agritourism

       Experience agritourism

       Recreation agritourism

       Harvest festivals

       Agritourism/hospitality training


       Farm stands

       Farm stays


       Horseback riding


       Animal farm tourism

       Food/cuisine tourism



       Herbal treatment

       Cooking classes

Funding Information

       The Project seeks concept papers that request funding from the Agribusiness Development Fund of between UZS 100,000,000 – UZS 300,000,000, but the final amount will be dependent upon final negotiations and may be lower or higher than this range. Under this announcement, the Project anticipates selecting 5 applicants for co-investments. The Project expects a minimum of a 1:1 monetary contribution.

       This means that if an applicant proposes a UZS 100,000,000 co-investment, then the applicant should pay at least 50 percent or UZS 50,000,000. Operational expenses and other current expenditures of the applicant (e.g.; rent, salary, accounting and office expenses, etc.) cannot be considered as part of a contribution.

Eligibility Criteria

       Applicants must be registered Uzbek entrepreneurs and/or private sector enterprises formally constituted, recognized by, and in good standing with appropriate Uzbek authorities, and compliant with all applicable civil and fiscal regulations.

       Applications from for-profit and not-for-profit business associations and/or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) will also be considered. Government entities, including parastatal and quasi-government organizations, are not eligible under this Announcement.

Deadline: 15-Oct-21 For more information, visit https://uz.usembassy.gov/usaid-is-seeking-to-co-finance-agritourism-enterprises-in-uzbekistan/