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UNIFOR объявил заявки на поддержку коммуникационных проектов


UNIFOR has announced the applications to support communication projects which advance the transition to a low carbon economy.

MFMC supports projects that support urgent, large-scale transformation, with a focus on changing policies and practices in public or private institutions.

Climate change is increasingly recognized as a major challenge and has become well established as an important policy area. Despite this, they have yet to see action that matches the magnitude of the problem. A pressing task for climate change communication is therefore to foster a better understanding of the scale of necessary changes and the urgency with which they must be achieved. MFMC will prioritize projects that rise to this challenge and intend to radically scale up its funding to this end.

The Minor foundation supports communication projects that

        aim to reduce GHG emissions in line with the urgent transformation required

        lead to policy or behavioural change among decisionmakers or lead to changes in policies or practices in public or private institutions

        increase the public’s support for climate policy measures

        are otherwise difficult to fund


The foundation’s priorities for the 2019-2023 period are to:

        encourage and support innovation in climate communication

        increase the number of voices and narratives in climate advocacy

        help strengthen social and political movements that open up for radical change

        concentrate on supporting European proposals

Funding Information

        In this call for applications the foundation is looking for projects above EUR 10,000 – typically in the range of €20,000 to €200,000, although larger projects may be considered. The foundation will only consider applications that clearly fall under its strategy.

Eligibility Criteria

        The Foundation supports advocates of climate change mitigation. The calls for applications are open to international applicants.

Deadline: 20-Aug-21 For more information, visithttps://unifor.no/stiftelser/the-minor-foundation-for-major-challenges/?_sf_s=Minor