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ВИЧ: устойчивость услуг для ключевых групп населения в регионе Восточной Европы и Центральной Азии


The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria (the “Global Fund”) is seeking proposals from regional stakeholders to implement a multi-country program under Catalytic Investments for the 2020-2022 allocation periods.

RFP Multicountry Strategic Priority

HIV: Sustainability of services for key populations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia region.

Strategic Focus

The multi-country grant should contribute to sustainable and significant reduction of infections, illness and death by HIV/AIDS in EECA, with a clearly described theory of change and proposed specific actions and performance metrics. In achieving this, the grant will have to respect the following principles through regional approach:

        Strengthen the partnership between different sectors, through Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCM) or other governance structures;

        Facilitate engagement, transparency and inclusion of affected communities and organizations of key populations in designing, delivering and monitoring evidence based HIV services, and reducing stigma and discrimination and other human rights related barriers to those services, thoroughly exercising the added value of the regional approach;

        Enhance sustainability, propose interventions with a focus on institutionalization and integration into national health systems, processes and regulations;

        Empower national and local governments, communities and other stakeholders to support and enhance the HIV services including through regional cooperation;

        Cooperate on regional and country level with all involved parties, which enables most effective implementation of activities and ensures there is no duplication of activities;

        Leverage the potential for real-time networking and sharing of results, including through the innovative use of technology, while utilizing existing platforms to the extent feasible;

        Use the latest relevant technical, international, normative, and operational guidelines and tools to inform each proposed intervention, and collaborate with technical agencies at regional and country levels;

        Establish and support sustainable partnerships with the regional entities, intergovernmental bodies, regional platforms, associations for promoting and distributing the effective innovations, technologies, and know-how in the region; and

        Strengthen programmatic continuity – build upon results of existing regional and national programs and amplify lessons learnt.

Expected Outcomes and Anticipated Results

The multi-country grant includes three areas of focus:

        Focus I: Sustainable access of key populations to quality HIV prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care

        Focus II: Improving efficiency and quality of service delivery models of HIV services

        Focus III: Sustainable financing for HIV prevention and support services for key populations

Funding Information

        Based on the Global Fund Board’s decision GF/B42/DP03 in November 2019 on the Catalytic Investments available during the 2020-2022 allocation period, US$ 50,000,000 has been made available for HIV: sustainability of services for key populations under the multicountry approach.

        Of the US$ 50,000,000 made available for this strategic priority area, this RFP refers to the US$ 13,000,000 made available under the multicountry priority area “Sustainability of services for key populations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia region”.

Duration of the Grant

The maximum duration of each grant shall be three years from the grant implementation start date. The grant is expected to start in January 2022.

Requirements For Applicants

An Applicant must be a Regional Coordinating Mechanism (RCM) or Regional Organization (RO) that demonstrates technical and programmatic capacity in the multi country strategic priority, sufficient regional knowledge and experience in broad stakeholder engagement, and a commitment to open and inclusive dialogue and decision-making.

        Coordinate the development of the funding proposal through transparent and documented processes that engage a broad range of stakeholders – including RCM members and non-members – in the solicitation and the review of activities to be included in the application.

        Clearly document efforts to engage key affected populations in the development of funding proposal, including most-at-risk populations.

        Nominate one or more Implementer(s) at the time of submission of the funding proposal.

        Document a transparent process for the nomination of all new Implementer(s) based on clearly defined and objective criteria.

        Document the management of any potential conflicts of interest that may affect the

Deadline: 30-Apr-21 For more information, visit https://www.theglobalfund.org/en/funding-model/applying/multicountry-funding/