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Подача заявок на соискание премии за агроэкологические исследования в целях развития


The Biovision Foundation, in partnership with the Agropolis Foundation, awards the SHIFT Prize to recognize collaborative and transdisciplinary research for development projects and initiatives that have made exemplary contributions to the agroecological transformation of food systems.

In light of contemporary challenges such as climate change, malnutrition, depletion of natural resources and consequently biodiversity loss, a profound transformation of global food systems is needed at all scales.

Agroecology presents a promising approach that enhances the resilience and sustainability of farming systems by applying ecological principles to agriculture. It promotes a regenerative use of natural resources and ecosystem services while addressing the need for socially equitable food systems.

Award Information

        The winning project or initiative will receive € 20’000 unrestricted funding to support its further development and strengthen its impacts.

Eligibility Criteria

        Collaborative projects or initiatives with a transdisciplinary approach to research for development.

        Multi- and interdisciplinary applied research projects on food systems, involving agricultural or environmental sciences as well as social sciences or humanities, or other field of scientific research related to food systems, such as health, nutrition, plant, soil, political science and economy.

        Consortia or partnerships of academic or research institutes, civil society organizations, farmer groups, governmental institutions, cooperatives, and/or private sector actors. Deadline: 15-Mar-21 For more information, visit https://www.biovision.ch/home/