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The Climate Story Fund supports stories and impact campaigns from around the world that move us closer to a climate just and biodiverse future. The global fund is open to all mediums, and will support both production and impact campaigns that are ready to launch during the next 12 months.

Each grantee will be invited to participate in an impact lab where storytellers will collaborate closely with practitioners, ranging from climate scientists to impact producers to movement builders, to ensure they are building upon existing expertise and advocacy efforts to engage their intended audiences.


·        The global fund is open to all mediums and will support both production and impact campaigns that are ready to launch during the next 12 months.

·        They are looking for creative nonfiction projects that can complete production in 2021 with support from the Climate Story Fund. This can include long-form non-fiction, shorts, and episodic documentaries, as well as podcasts and AR/VR.

·        The Fund will also consider proposals from completed creative nonfiction and fiction projects that are looking to pilot an impact campaign in 2021 to engage audiences who have felt excluded from the climate conversation.

They can support:

·        Projects from all over the world – these can be localized stories serving local communities, or projects suited to a global audience.

·        Projects from both new and established artists.

·        Creative nonfiction and fiction projects of any medium looking to pilot an impact campaign in 2021.

·        Project teams who are able to attend our virtual Impact Lab during the week of 17 May 2021.

They cannot support:

·        Stories in the pre-production stage.

·        Fiction stories looking for production funding.

To Bear in Mind:

·        They are happy to receive applications from producers, directors, or impact producers on the project.

·        If you would like to work on the application questions offline, you can download a preview of the application. To be considered for funding, you must submit an application online.

·        The Climate Story Fund application form is part of the Common Application Project, an initiative by international documentary funders to reduce the burden on filmmakers by providing the same application form across funders.

Grant: In this initial round, the Climate Story Fund will support 6-8 projects with grants ranging from $20,000 to $100,000 per project.

Apply By: 04 Mar 2021 Grant Amount: 100000 USD

For more information please check the Link