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Международная Менделеевская награда

Nominations are now open for the 2021 UNESCO-Russia Mendeleev International Prize in the Basic Sciences with an aim to promote and honour excellence in the basic sciences, defined to include the disciplines of chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology, the foundation on which scientific knowledge can be propagated and which are fundamental to the advancement of innovation and sustainable development.

The Prize is awarded annually to two scientists in recognition of their breakthrough discoveries, outstanding innovations and avid promotion of the basic sciences which have led to socio-economic transformation at global or regional scale.

Awarded every year to two prize-winners, its purpose is to reward individuals for their major achievements in terms of development, diffusion, and international cooperation in the basic sciences, which had a significant transformational impact on a regional or global scale.

Prize Information

Each of the two individual prize-winners will receive a financial award of USD 250,000 as well as a gold medal and a diploma.

Eligibility Criteria

        The Prize is awarded to candidates whose scientific achievements are conducive to socio-economic transformation and impact development on a regional or global scale, based on:

        Excellence in research in the fields of basic sciences;

        Basic sciences education and popularization;

        International or regional cooperation in the basic sciences.

        There is no age limit for the candidates.

        Candidatures of women scientists are encouraged.

        The nominations can be submitted by the following entities:

        Governments of Member States, in consultation with their National Commissions

        Non-governmental organizations maintaining official partnerships with UNESCO and active in relevant fields covered by the Prize

        UNESCO Chairs

        Category 2 Centres

        International scientific unions


        No self-nomination shall be considered.

Deadline: 15-Mar-21 For more information, visit https://en.unesco.org/news/call-nominations-2021-unesco-russia-mendeleev-international-prize-basic-sciences