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Дарвиновская инициатива ищет заявки на участие в 27-м раунде


The Darwin Initiative is seeking applications for the Round 27 of Partnership Projects to help organisations who are new to the Darwin Initiative to develop a robust application.

The awards do this by:

        connecting organisations new to Darwin with partners who have experience of managing successful Darwin Projects; and/or

        supporting work to build new partnerships between applicant organisations

A successful Partnership Project should lead to a Main Darwin Initiative project application.

Partnership Projects support activities which might previously have been supported under a Darwin scoping award.

The objective of the Darwin Initiative is to protect and enhance biodiversity and contribute to sustainable development in developing countries. It does this by funding projects that help developing countries to meet their obligations under at least one relevant international environment convention/agreement and that tackle key threats to biodiversity.

Funding Information

There is a maximum level for a partnership project.

 Eligibility Criteria

        Applications for partnership projects must be to establish new partnerships and must not simply be to continue existing working relationships. They would normally expect applications from partnerships involving around 2-4 organisations.

        Partnership Project lead applicants must also meet all of the following criteria:

        have recognised expertise in the sustainable use or conservation of biodiversity and/or development;

        have a proven track record of managing biodiversity-related and/or natural resource orientated development projects in partnership with local organisations

        can provide evidence of work which has had an impact on the sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity and/or sustainable economic development

        can demonstrate that alternative funding – including financial support from their own organisation – is not available to develop the Darwin project proposal in consultation with their partners. Partnership project funding should not be seen as an alternative to seeking matched funding from other sources.

        Partnership Project partners:

        must include at least one organisation that has not previously received Darwin funding.

Deadline: 19-Jan-21

For more information, visit https://www.gov.uk/guidance/darwin-initiative-partnership-projects