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Содействие внедрению гуманитарных инноваций WASH


Elrha has launched a call for applications for the Adoption Challenge: Facilitating Adoption of Humanitarian WASH Innovations.

The new Adoption Challenge aims to tackle the complex barriers within the WASH ecosystem that prevent the sustainable adoption of humanitarian WASH innovations.

The ambition of this Challenge is to enable humanitarian organisations to adopt promising new solutions, adapt them to new settings and evaluate their effectiveness. Ultimately, with this support, they aim to enable the sustained use, at scale, of innovations that can improve outcomes for people affected by crisis.

This Challenge will be open to humanitarian organisations interested in adopting innovations featured in the WASH Innovation Catalogue (second edition, 2020) and on the WASH Innovation Marketplace page. Through this focus, they aim to help the strongest WASH innovations adapt, improve and begin their journey to scale, ensuring the priority WASH problems they have identified are addressed at scale.

Funding Information

Funding amount: 650,000 GBP (50,000 to 150,000 GBP per project)


To be eligible to apply for the Challenge, your application must meet the following requirements:

        The lead applicant organisation must be a legally-registered entity (ie, international non-governmental organisation, national non-governmental organisation, private company, Red Cross/Red Crescent movement, United Nations agency or programme, civil society organisation, academic/research institution, government). Applicants are expected to provide relevant evidence (eg, registration document) at the EoI stage.

        Your application must propose the adoption of one innovation from the WASH Innovation Catalogue (second edition, 2020) for the duration of the grant. One organisation cannot apply to adopt multiple innovations within the same application, but you can submit as many applications as you want.

        Your application must propose one or more humanitarian setting(s)9 in which you will adopt and implement your chosen innovation. Please note that for this Challenge you cannot apply with an undefined, potential future humanitarian crisis – you must apply with one or more settings in which you are already operating.

        All adopting organisations part of the application must be new to the innovation. This means that adopting organisations are only eligible if they have not been part of developing the innovation. Any organisation that has been a partner on a previous or current HIF grant for the selected innovation is ineligible as an adopting organisation for this Challenge.

        Your application must consist of at least one operational humanitarian organisation, and at least one adopter must be a local organisation operating in the chosen humanitarian setting(s). The operational humanitarian organisation and the local organisation can be the same (ie, no further partners are mandatory if the lead applicant is a local humanitarian organisation operating in the chosen humanitarian setting(s)).

Deadline: 25-Jan-21 For more information, visit https://bit.ly/3gWc02D