Экофорум  негосударственных  некоммерческих  организаций  Узбекистана

Азиатские исследователи, практики и лица, определяющие политику в диалоге с детьми и молодежью


The “Asia Pacific Researchers, Practitioners & Policy-makers in Dialogue with Children & Youth” is a capacity-building project which aims to provide a mechanism for children and youth in the Asia-Pacific region to engage in meaningful exchange with researchers, practitioners and policy-makers on topics relating to COVID-19, climate crisis and disaster risk reduction (DRR).

The project is led by the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth (UN MGCY), a youth-led, volunteer-based organization supporting education, training, and fundraising activities to empower young people from all backgrounds to meaningfully engage in the United Nations (UN) process and procedure affecting and concerning young peoples. The project is funded by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) - 2020 Regional Environmental Event Strategic Collaborative Fund and is supported by the Asia Pacific Coalition for School Safety (APCSS) and the CONVERGE Working Group on COVID-19, Children and Youth and Schools.

The outcomes of the project will be presented to researchers, practitioners and policy-makers through a range of activities and events, including the Asia Pacific Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction 2021 (APMCDRR), which was originally scheduled to take place in June 2020 but has been postponed until 2021 due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

The project includes two main activities:

  1. The Young Fellowship Programme
  2. The Pandemic Time Capsule Project

The aim of the Young Fellowship Programme is to build the capacities of Asia Pacific youth to conduct participatory action research and engage in youth-led advocacy for DRR and climate action. Under the guidance of an experienced Lead Researcher and suitably qualified Young Researchers, Fifteen (15) Young Fellows, selected from countries across the Asia Pacific region, will analyse their National DRR and climate policies and schemes, and assess the degree to which those policies have been implemented at the local level. The Young Fellows will contribute their key findings and recommendations to a research report and a set of policy briefs which will be drafted by the Lead Researcher. At the end of the programme, the Young Fellows will participate in a one-day online workshop where they present their research to researchers, practitioners and policy-makers from across the Asia Pacific.

The Programme will provide youth with valuable opportunities to develop their leadership capacity, as well as their abilities to communicate with their own constituency and effectively represent the interests of children and youth at the local, national, regional and global levels.

During the programme, the Young Fellows will also have the opportunity to collect material for the Pandemic Time Capsule Project, which aims to provide children and young people from across the Asia Pacific region with an opportunity to voice their perspectives and experiences of the COVID-19 global pandemic within the broader context of the climate crisis and escalating disaster risks. The Time Capsule Project involves three activities, which will be supervised by technical leads with specialist expertise in media production and participatory approaches to engaging with children and youth.

Do you want to take part in the program?

Are you a young person, who wishes to advocate and inform the policy-makers on DRR for Asia-Pacific region? UN MGCY is looking for Fifteen (15) young fellows, Three (3) young researchers and One (1) lead researcher who is interested to present the perspective of the children and youth for DRR and climate actions. UN MGCY invites you to apply for the “Asia Pacific Researchers, Practitioners & Policymakers in Dialogue with the Children & Youth” project. Through this project, UN MGCY wants to bring attention to children and youth by dominant voices and to determine the position of Children & Youth from across the Asia-Pacific region. For more details, Please find attached the Terms of References of all three positions being open call for applications.


Advertised Positions


  1. Lead Researcher: The Lead Researcher will lead the project activities and will supervise the young researchers and young DRR fellows also will compile the research and data of the young researchers and young fellows in to the report further ensure and direct training of the young researchers and young fellows to undertake and effectively engage in the project.
  1. Young Researcher on DRR: Three Young Researchers on DRR will lead a team of five each Young Fellows on DRR, guide and supervise them to undertake the data collection and focus group discussion as part of their assignment and report back to them with from basis of that they will draft a report and statement to be reviewed and shaped by the lead researcher.


  1. Young Fellows on DRR: Fifteen (15) young fellows selected will work with the Young Researcher and Lead Researcher to engage and participate in project activities with collecting data and policy research on DRR in their national and local settings also help in develop and involve in Podcast and multimedia activities of the project.


Interested applicants must apply for the position of their interest following the process below. The original application deadline is Friday, 11th December 2020.


  1. Lead Researcher on DRR: Please submit your application to jekulin.lipi@unmgcy.org with copy to drrgfp@unmgcy.org. The application package should include:
  1. 1-Page Cover Letter
  2. Max. 3 Page CV
  3. 1 work sample of previous Research
  4. 1 professional references letter
  5. Draft training plan


Please submit your application by filling out this online web form and submit by Friday, 18 December 2020.


02. Young Researcher on DRR: https://forms.gle/bYtJtjFwLPAxibU59

03. Young DRR Fellowship: https://forms.gle/2zbgEWpsZzU1eNoa7


For any important queries, please reach out to jekulin.lipi@unmgcy.org. and for more details please visit out UNMGCY website: www.unmgcy.org