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Международная премия принца Талала за человеческое развитие 2020 года



Prince Talal International Prize for Human Development carries a financial reward of US$ 1,000,000, awarded annually by the Arab Gulf Programme for Development (AGFUND) with the aim of inciting and encouraging innovation and creativity in human development.

The idea of the Prince Talal International Prize is stemmed from AGFUND’s approach to enhance development performance and support key development projects in order to achieve the goal of sustainability and investment in people.

Since its establishment in 1999, the Prince Talal International prize has been known as AGFUND International Prize for Pioneering Human Development Projects. Following the passing away of His Royal Highness Prince Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, founder of AGFUND, in December 2018, the AGFUND’s Board of Directors decided to rename the prize after the late Prince Talal. This decision was taken to commemorate his lifelong dedication to the service of human development and poverty alleviation through AGFUND and the other institutions he established. Hence, the prize new name is “Prince Talal International Prize for Human Development”.

The subject of 2020 Prize

        Zero Hunger: Eliminating Hunger, Providing Food Security and Improved Nutrition, and Promoting Sustainable Agriculture

Prince Talal International Prize for Human Development aims to:

        Support the distinguished efforts aiming at the promotion and enhancement of human development concepts.

        Disseminate the successful project experiences.

        Highlight the best practices, which aim to improve the living conditions of the poor and disadvantaged with particular emphasis on women and children.

        Enhance the exchange of experiences and develop better mechanisms to find solutions to the problems of poverty, marginalization, and socioeconomic exclusion of vulnerable groups.

Funding Information

Prince Talal International Prize for Human Development carries a cash amount of US$ 1,000,000, certificates of recognition, and trophies. The prize amount is allocated for the winners of the Prize in its four categories as follows:

        First category prize (US$ 400,000): Specified for projects implemented by UN agencies or international and regional NGOs.

        Second category prize (US$ 300,000): Specified for projects implemented by national NGOs.

        Third category prize (US$ 200,000): Specified for projects implemented by governmental bodies (ministries and public institutions) or social business enterprises.

        Fourth category prize (US$ 100,000): Specified for projects initiated, funded, and/or implemented by individuals.

Nomination Conditions

        The nomination of a development project for the Prince Talal International Prize constitutes a moral engagement between the nominator and AGFUND.

        Nomination for Prince Talal International Prize for Human Development shall be made by filling out the online Nomination Form on the AGFUND website.

        Non-winning projects in a given year may not be resubmitted before three years from the date of their first submission.

        For-Profit projects shall not qualify for Prize.

        The nominators may not nominate the projects in the implementation or funding of which they have participated.

        The nominator shall submit an official Nomination Letter explaining the reasons which justify the project’s nomination.

        The nominator should be an agency or a qualified expert who is thoroughly aware of the project.

        Projects dealing with themes or topics other than the specified one shall be disregarded.

        Only the completed and evaluated projects, or the ongoing projects with a completed and evaluated phase are eligible to compete for the prize.

        Nominations including all supporting documents shall be submitted in English.

        For the Third Category i.e. government projects “ministries and public institutes”, the eligible projects are those which have been conceived, designed, established, funded, and implemented through pure national efforts, without the participation of any international organizations or foreign governments.

        All sections of the Nomination Form should be properly filled out by providing the required information. In case any of the required information is not available or is irrelevant, it should be clearly indicated as “not available or not applicable”.

        Each winner will be asked to sign a Letter of Intent, prepared by AGFUND in coordination with the winner, on how to use the proceeds of the Prize, since the said proceeds are meant to finance the efforts aimed to support the expansion, sustainability and/or replication of the project.

        The winning organizations shall confirm their commitment to post, on their websites, news, and information about their projects’ winning of the Prize.

        The winning organizations shall confirm their participation in the award ceremony by their highest officials to receive the Prize:

        The chairperson of the organization in the case of international organizations, social business enterprises, and NGOs.

        The concerned minister or the head of the concerned public agency in the case of government projects.

        The founder of the project in the case of individual projects.

        The Required Documents as listed below should be submitted with the Nomination Form:

        Official Letter of Nomination by a third party.

        Official Letter (s) of Recommendation by a third party.

        Project document in full, with annexes if any (including, work plan, implementation schedule, budget, and financial information, etc.…).

        Projects budget and financial statements if not contained in the Project document.

        Project completion reports.

        Project Evaluation report.

        For ongoing projects completion and evaluation reports of phase one or any other phases.

        Latest Annual Report of the implementing agency (if available).

        CV of the implementing person (in case of individual projects).

        Any documents that highlight the activities of the project (photograph, videos, printed materials).

Eligibility Criteria

        No one can nominate his/her or its project. However, each of the following entities is eligible, as a third party, to nominate for the Prize; UN organizations, regional, international and national NGOs, government agencies, public institutions, universities and research centers, syndicates, and experts in the field.

Deadline: 15-Dec-20 For more information, visit https://agfund.org/