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Applications Invited for United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) Project Proposals 2020

At the 2005 World Summit held at the United Nations in New York, Heads of State and Government reaffirmed their commitment to promote democracy and human rights, by welcoming the establishment of a Democracy Fund at the United Nations, herein referred to as UNDEF.

UNDEF is a Trust Fund established through voluntary contributions from Member States, under the authority of the Secretary-General. UNDEF is guided by its Advisory Board, which includes representatives of Member States, eminent academics and global civil society leaders. Thus, participation in the activities of UNDEF bestows prestige to all its stakeholders and signifies for its beneficiaries a high level of political commitment to democratic values.

Scope of the Guidelines

These guidelines describe the two-stage approach of the application procedure for UNDEF grants (1) submission of a project proposal during the call for project proposals (2) development of a full project document. The basic principle behind this approach, and in particular of the first stage (call for project proposals), is to allow interested parties to have their projects shortlisted by providing the basic information needed by UNDEF to reach a decision in principle.

Only if a project proposal has been short-listed do applicants have to invest the time and resources to produce a full project document (the second stage).  The Project Proposal Guidelines may be periodically revised in subsequent rounds of UNDEF funding cycles to take account of best practices and lessons learned. For further information, please visit the UNDEF website at https://www.un.org/democracyfund/apply-for-funding.

Call for Project Proposal

The Fifteenth Round of UNDEF Funding will begin when the call for project proposals is launched on 01st November 2020. The deadline to submit project proposals will be 01st December 2020. Organizations wishing to submit a project proposal to receive UNDEF funding should visit the UNDEF website where they will be prompted to complete an online application form. An outline of the requirements of the Online Project Proposal System (OPPS) is provided in Annex 1 to this document.

Project proposals will be accepted by the OPPS only during the call for project proposals i.e. 01st November 2020 – 01st December 2020. UNDEF will not accept proposals submitted via email, regular post, facsimile, diplomatic or UN pouch, hand or courier delivery or any other channel. Project proposals can be submitted only in English or French, the two working languages of the United Nations. A confirmation email will be generated by the OPPS. The UNDEF Office will communicate directly with the applicant if additional information should be required.

Eligibility Criteria

Local and Global/Regional Projects

·        UNDEF will invite proposals for projects that either take place in one country only (local) or occur in several specified states of a region or sub-region (regional) or intend to operate at the global level (global). UNDEF will reserve at least 80% of its programmable resources in each funding round for projects taking place in one country and will allocate no more than 20% to global/regional projects.

Duration of Projects and Amounts Awarded

·        In principle, UNDEF grants will be allocated for projects with default duration of two years. H0owever, it is acceptable to UNDEF if a successful applicant completes a project in less than two years. Grants will not necessarily match the full amounts applied for. Grant allocations will be of a minimum of US$100,000 and not exceed US$300,000 for any given project. Applicants must request an amount within this range. The majority of projects are granted no more than $250,000.

·        Once the implementation period has elapsed, beneficiaries will be required to return unspent funding to UNDEF.

Eligible Beneficiaries

UNDEF funds projects implemented by non-UN organizations, not individuals, profit-making or government entities. Eligible applicants must be duly constituted nationally or internationally and have legal status.0

At the project proposal stage, you will be required to indicate the type of organization applying for funding:

·        Civil Society Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations engaged in promoting democracy

·        Independent and Constitutional Bodies,

·        Global and Regional inter-government bodies, organizations and associations other than the United Nations

UNDEF’s priority is Civil Society Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations (see 1 above). The organization must be legally constituted. UN accreditation is not a prerequisite to apply for UNDEF funding. UNDEF encourages local CSO’s to submit high quality project proposals.

For technical support please email info@undefapplication.org.

Apply By: 01 Dec 2020 Grant Amount: 300000 USD

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