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Награда Whitley Awards 2021


Nominations are now open for the 2021 Whitley Awards to provide funding, training, and support to grassroots conservation leaders in the Global South and put an international spotlight on winners’ work.

Winning a Whitley Award is not just about receiving financial support; it comes with a significant boost in profile and provides an international stage for winners to draw attention to the environmental issues they face. Winning a Whitley Award can increase visibility, generate local and national pride, and catalyze political action to support conservation leaders and their NGOs. During the Awards week, winners receive professional media and speech training to enable them to effectively communicate their important work and inspire further philanthropic support.

Whitley Award winners join a growing network of more than 200 conservationists in 80 countries who share knowledge and ideas – working together to protect the planet – with opportunities to apply for WFN Continuation Funding in the future.

Award Information


        Whitley Awards are worth £40,000 GBP in project funding for over one year.

Eligibility Criteria

        Not High Income Economy countries – Wildlife conservation projects led by local leaders based in countries that are not defined as a High Income Economy by the World Bank. Exceptions to this criterion include Equatorial Guinea and certain island nations in the Caribbean.

        Nationals with local support – a key focus of the Whitley Award is to boost the profile of leaders who are nationals of the country in which they are working. There are some exceptions, for example, long term residency (15+ years) or commitment to country/region/ building capacity of local team members for future leadership.

        Whitley Award seeks grassroots conservationists from locally incorporated NGOs in developing countries, rather than in-country staff employed by NGOs headquartered in developed countries – but if you are in doubt please contact them.

        Good communicators and passionate people – people who will inspire others and importantly, who will collaborate and share results. Please note applicants must be able to communicate in English.

        Leadership and teamwork – Whitley Awards are won by individuals backed by an appropriate team/organization. Individuals working in isolation and team/joint entries are not eligible.

        Projects that are based on scientific evidence and understanding – this can be in the leader, expertise on the team, or via partners/collaboration.

        Work involving (and benefitting) the local community and stakeholders is essential.

        Ecosystem/landscape level projects are preferred. Genuine flagships are accepted, but not if results are purely species-specific.

        Projects must be able to demonstrate past success and an evidence-based approach. They do not fund pilot projects or work that is at the start-up stage.

        Grassroots, pragmatic work that is realistic, but ambitious too. They look for applicants on the cusp of ‘something big’ and work that is replicable or scalable.

        Actions that will have clear, measurable outcomes – they look for applications that have given careful thought to what indicators can be measured to evidence impact.

        Sustainable projects – they want the work to continue into the future, well past the Whitley Award. Successful proposals will demonstrate long-term planning.

        Projects that demonstrate value for money and the ability to manage funding at the Whitley Award level (£40,000). Organizations with Audited Accounts are preferred.

        Projects for which an Award will make a big difference. Priority will be given to those that can demonstrate need.

        Work that needs publicity – ones that will do well if ‘doors can be opened’ via the media and enhanced recognition.

Deadline: 31-Oct-20 For more information, visit https://whitleyaward.org/apply-for-conservation-funding/how-to-apply/