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Гранты на профессиональное развитие для экологов


WWF’s Russell E. Train Education for Nature Program (EFN) is only accepting applications for trainings, conferences, or research-related activities that are accessible online or available locally.

Professional Development Grants (PDGs) provide support for mid-career conservationists to pursue short-term, non-degree training to upgrade their knowledge and skills. This training can include short courses, certificate training, or conferences among other training opportunities.

Funding Information

        Grants will be awarded up to US$2,000 based on program requirements.

Eligibility Criteria


Applicants must meet all of the following eligibility criteria to be considered for a grant. Approval of online or locally based trainings and conferences is up to the discretion of EFN.

        You must be a citizen of an eligible country.

        You must currently be living and working in your home country.

        You must have at least three years of paid work experience in a conservation-related field in your home country.

        You must have applied to or already be accepted to participate in the proposed training at the time you submit your application.

        Your current work and proposed training must help advance conservation in your home country.

        You must not be enrolled in an academic degree program. Virtual courses that are part of a university degree program or online degree are not eligible.

        You must have approval from your employer to participate in the proposed training and the promise of continued employment.

        You must have a bank account in your own name that can receive US dollars and international wire transfers.

        You must not have received funding from EFN in the past. Previous PDG recipients may be eligible for Alumni Grants.

        The proposed training must take place at least 60 days after the application deadline.

        You must submit all required documents by the application deadline.

Additional Criteria

        Only trainings and conferences that are available online or are locally based are eligible. Locally based courses are eligible if they require limited travel and follow national COVID-19 restrictions.

        Trainings and conferences must be offered through an accredited institution.

        If the proposed training requires an application, you must have already applied to or be accepted to participate at the time you submit your application.

        Courses must be completed no later than August 1, 2021.

        For online trainings or conferences, applicants must have a stable internet connection for coursework and a computer.

        For online trainings or conferences, applicants must meet the minimum requirements designated by their course.

        For online trainings or conferences, priority will be given to courses with a defined start and end date or “live sessions”.

Deadline: 1-Nov-20 For more information, visit https://www.worldwildlife.org/projects/professional-development-grants