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Институт Аспена объявляет о стипендии New Voice Fellowship



The Aspen Institute has announced the New Voice Fellowship, Aspen Institute is also recruiting for Fellows who are experts on the front lines of sexual and reproductive health and rights.

The Fellowship is recruiting a total of 20-25 Fellows for 2021. They are recruiting Fellows who are development experts in fields such as food security, global health, human rights, and climate change. For the 2021 class, they will give special consideration to Fellows whose work focuses on COVID-19 relief, vaccine development, and pandemic resiliency.

Candidates for the Fellowship are expected to have both a record of significant professional achievement and a desire to share their perspectives on global development with a broader international audience. The Fellowship is open by nomination only.

While the fellowship is non-resident and not full-time, it does require a significant and sustained time commitment as fellows write opinion articles, participate in interviews with local and international media, and speak at international conferences. All expenses related to the fellowship are paid, including certain media-related travel costs.

The best nominations are those that:

        Include thoughtful and personal details

        Use examples to highlight the candidate

        Explain what characteristics or personal experiences makes the candidate unique

Eligibility Criteria

        Aspen Institute welcome candidates from Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

        Aspen Institute will pay all expenses for the fellowship, and occasionally provide funds for Fellows to participate in media-related activities and conferences.

Deadline: 01-Oct-20 For more information, visit https://newvoicesfellows.aspeninstitute.org/Nominations/