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Базельская конвенция объявляет конкурс предложений по пилотным проектам PWP


A Plastic Waste Partnership (PWP) has been established under the Basel Convention to mobilise business, government, academic and civil society resources, interests and expertise to improve and promote the environmentally sound management (ESM) of plastic waste at the global, regional and national levels and to prevent and minimize its generation.

The overall goal of the pilot projects is aligned with the goal of the PWP, namely to improve and promote the environmentally sound management of plastic waste at the global, regional and national levels and prevent and minimize its generation so as to, among other things, reduce significantly and in the long-term eliminate the discharge of plastic waste and microplastics into the environment, in particular the marine environment.

Funding Information

        Indicative budget: approx. USD 50,000 to 80,000 per project.

        Indicative timeframe of projects: approx. 12-18 months.

PWP Working Group and Project Groups

The work of the Partnership is overseen by a working group which established four project groups at its first face-to-face meeting as follows:

        Plastic waste prevention and minimization

        Plastic waste collection, recycling and other recovery including financing and related markets

        Transboundary movements of plastic waste

        Outreach, education and awareness-raising

How are Projects Selected?

        The proposals are assessed by the steering group using the template featured in the modalities published on the website. Based on the completed assessment, the steering group ranks and selects the pilot projects that can be considered for funding and prioritizes these taking into account the financial resources available. The Secretariat will inform the proponents of the selected pilot projects accordingly.

What is the Role of Steering Group?

        The steering group is formed by the co-chairs of the project groups of the Partnership working group and the officers of the Partnership working group. It is tasked with overall guidance and oversight of the process for submission, selection, implementation and evaluation of the pilot projects. This includes screening and assessing the proposals as well as selecting and prioritizing the pilot projects to be implemented.

Eligibility Criteria

A proponent of a pilot project proposal should ensure that the following eligibility criteria are met for the proposals:

        Proposals may be submitted by Parties and Basel and Stockholm Convention Regional and Coordinating Centres, as well as any not-for-profit entities and non-Party States that have observer status under the Basel Convention;

        Only one project proponent or implementing partner (if different from the proponent) may be identified for each proposal: other entities contributing to the project may be identified as “project partners”;

        Proposals must be accompanied by a letter of endorsement from the Focal Point of the Party in which the project is to be implemented (for projects to be implemented in several countries, endorsements must be obtained from each of the respective Parties);

        Projects are to be implemented in Parties eligible to receive funding under the technical assistance programme of the Basel and Stockholm Conventions, namely developing country Parties and Parties with economies in transition, subject to donor requirements that may apply in some cases.

Deadline: 24-Sep-20 For more information, visit https://bit.ly/2DFiGD5