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Подать заявку на участие в программе Global FoodTech Accelerator


Applications ons are now open for the Global FoodTech Accelerator Program.

FoodTech Accelerator is a global accelerator that brings top Made in Italy corporates and best international innovators together to disrupt agrifood and retail sectors.

Every year,they select up to 10 of the best startups worldwide to boost food innovation. Together with Corporate Partners and their business needs they build and accelerate concrete industrial pilot projects in a 15-week program.

How it Works

Engage with the network before starting the program

        International Roadshow: Sign up for the digital events and virtual pitches, come and meet during tech and innovation events, industry-leading conferences, or by direct referral from Deloitte’s network of investors, mentors, and partners. Follow the #FTARoadshow on LinkedIn and Instagram

        Live interviews: The shortlisted startups will meet with committee in charge of selecting up to 10 of the best teams to access the program.

An intensive 15 week program

        A hands-on learning experience and out-of-the-building approach: Successfully transform ideas into innovative products. This program takes startups from Business Model Consolidation to Validation & Prototyping aiming at Fundraising & Go-to-Market success.

        Work directly with expert mentors: Thanks to the Corporate Partners, ecosystem gurus and Deloitte experts, the selected startups will rapidly validate and scale their business as well as fast-track MVP and PoC testing.

Accelerate fast!

        Rock the stage at the DemoDay: Present to a vast array of food tech players including carefully selected investors and corporates keen to drive the selected startups to the next level.

        Boost network connections: Learn from cross-functional and multidisciplinary teams of corporate executives, experienced consultants, entrepreneurs, scientists, private investors and venture capitalists (VCs).


        Corporate access: Speed up your go-to-market timeline thanks to our committed partners

        Smart money: Optional access to cash contribution and services in exchange for up to 6% of your equity

        Deloitte approach: Leverage on a globally recognized consulting approach and worldwide network

        Investors network: Gain access to up to 1 M€ in follow-on already committed investments

        Global ecosystem: Hop in a newly created, international, mentor-filled ecosystem on Food Innovation

        Dedicated hub: Open the doors of your office in Milan and test your products in our partners’ facilities


Startups focusing on:

        Groundbreaking midstream technologies: Blockchain & Traceability, Quality & Food Safety, Logistics & Connected Transportation, Industry 4.0, Robotics, Automation

        Circular Economy: Upcycling, F&B Waste Reduction Systems, Sharing Economy

        Disruptive food & alternative beverage: Plant Based Proteins, Cellular Agriculture, Superfood & Alternative Ingredients, Space F&B

        Agtech & Sustainable Agriculture: Genomics & Biotech, Farm Management Systems & Sustainable Models, Farm Robotics, Mechanization & Precision Farming, Vertical & Indoor Agriculture

        Food as Medicine: Superfood & functional Ingredients, Precision nutrition & nutrigenomics, Unhealthy substances /Meal replacements

        A(automated) commerce: B2B Online Marketplaces & Cloud Services, D2C & Social Commerce Solutions, New Delivery Platforms & Technologies

        Data driven insight: Big data analytics & AI, Crowd sourced insights, Taste sensing systems

        Innovative packaging: Sustainable Packaging, Recycled Polymers & Edible Packaging, Smart & Connected Packaging, AR, Active Packaging

        Do it yourself: learning & Sharing, Urban farming, Meal Kits & Ready to Eat

        IN-STORE & RESTAURANT TECH: 3D & 4D printed food, Cloud retailing & visual recognition, Customer engagement & order management tech, Smart appliances & robotics

Deadline: 30-Sep-20 For more information, visit https://www.foodtechaccelerator.io/