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The Alongside Wildlife Foundation can help fund projects that generate this basic but vital information about the species alongside. Are you working on implementing science-based strategies that allow people to share landscapes with wildlife? Consider applying. Finally, many scientists and science communicators are facing pressure to reach out and engage with new audiences, but there are few funding opportunities to facilitate and encourage necessary collaborations. Now the Alongside Wildlife Foundation can help.

The Alongside Wildlife Foundation grant program is designed to support projects that are important yet typically overlooked by most funding agencies and organizations. There have been increasing calls to recognize and appreciate natural history but the necessary research is rarely prioritized.

They support projects that relate to either:

        collecting data (including basic natural history information) that can inform plans that allow people to live alongside wildlife,

        communicating science to communities with the goal of reducing human/wildlife conflict, and/or

        evaluating and/or implementing science-based strategies for living alongside wildlife populations.

Please note: The Foundation is not a large foundation financially backed by wealthy individuals, organizations, or endowments and they receive many more inquiries than they could possibly fund. They are fully supported by their growing grassroots network of small recurring donors; if you value the work they do (including this grants program) and wish they could do more than they hope you will consider joining this network.

Deadline: 07-Aug-2020 For more information, visit https://alongsidewildlifefoundation.org/grants/