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MY World 360˚ Media призыввет делиться захватывающими историями для более устойчивого мира



Immersive media creators from across the world are invited to inspire everyone to take action for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Since 2018, the MY World 360˚ creators are using immersive storytelling to shine a spotlight on the issues most relevant to them and their communities and to inspire action on the Sustainable Development Goals, a global call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.

From climate action reporting to stories of local innovation and resilience, to date MY World 360º has compiled over 100 immersive stories from creators around the world and screened the official selection as part of United Nations events and activations around the world.

Your MY World 360º story may include one or more of the following:

        Audio recordings that engage listeners with a story or new idea

        Mixed media projects that combine drawings, photos, audio, video, animation and/or text in a unique way

        Panorama or 360˚ photography or video that immerses viewers in a new experience, point of view, or place

        Augmented Reality (AR) that brings digital content into experience of the real world

        Interactive digital games, simulations, or experiences that combine 2D, 3D, or Virtual Reality (VR) elements

        Photogrammetry and 3D modeling that share natural or cultural artifacts

        Or something else—show what’s possible!

They recognize that many people are restricted to move freely in their communities in the common effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19. They encourage you to be creative within the context of your situation. Here are some guiding questions that might be helpful as you get started.

        How are you or people in your community making a difference in the face of COVID-19?

        How do these issues get closer to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals?

        What’s your vision for a world where the Goals are achieved?

What makes a compelling submission?

        Potential for impact: Who is the intended audience for your media and how will it inspire change?

        Creative use of media and technology: How are you combining tools and techniques in a unique way to convey a message or tell a story?

        #TogetherAlone: How might you connect virtually with someone to share ideas and perspectives, or to co-create something?

Why should you participate?

        Share your talent with the world and help them tell the stories that ignite positive action with the world.

        Selected stories will be shared as part of the MY World 360º Selection, and showcased as part of United Nations events and activations.

        Connect with other MY World 360º creators from around the world, develop your skills and access mentoring and sharing opportunities

Deadline: 31 August 2020

For more information, visithttps://sdgactioncampaign.org/myworld360/