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Номинация на премию «Климатическая справедливость 2020 года»

The One Young World is inviting nominations for 2020 Mary Robinson Climate Justice Award to recognize and support young leaders behind impactful climate justice initiatives that are preserving the earth for future generations.

The award seeks to:

        Identify three young leaders at the forefront of impactful climate justice initiatives.

        Raise awareness of and celebrate their initiatives.

        Directly support their initiatives with grants of up to £4,000.

Award Winners will receive

        Access to the One Young World Summit 2021 in Munich

        Hotel accommodation between 23 – 26 April 2021

        The cost of travel to and from Munich

        Catering which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner

        £4,000 grant funding from One Young World to support their climate justice projects

        Participation in an exclusive mentorship session with Mary Robinson during the Summit

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must be:

        Aged 18 – 30 at the time of the One Young World Summit 2021.

        Nationals of all countries are eligible to apply for this scholarship

        Occupy a senior leadership role in a legally registered organisation which undertakes projects related to climate justice.

        Projects must directly address sustainable development/or climate change with a particular emphasis on balancing the needs of future generations – this could be through financing, frontline services, advocacy, education, communication, legal/policy change or business solution.

        Projects should be clearly associated with one or more of the seven principles of climate justice:

        Respect and protect human rights

        Support the right to development

        Share benefits and burdens equitably

        Ensure that decisions on climate change are participatory, transparent and accountable

        Highlight gender equality and equity

        Harness the transformative power of education for climate stewardship

        Use effective partnerships to secure climate justice

One Young World will assess candidates based on their:

        Ambition – how impactful the project is in balancing needs of present and future generations.

        Relevance – the project is grounded in climate justice.

        Community value – the project applies to a community/communities / stakeholder group who are directly impacted by climate change or will be more adversely impacted in the future.

Deadline: 23-Jul-2020 For more information, visit https://www.oneyoungworld.com/mary-robinson-climate-justice-award-2020