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GSVlabs и Gulftainer запускают Future of Ports Challenge


Gulftainer is challenging entrepreneurs and startups to set their mark in the port ecosystem, to grow, and to position their solution in the industry. Gulftainer isn’t just looking for incremental technology or “easy fixes”. Instead they’re committed to developing long-term partnerships with emerging technology companies and working together to build the port of the future.

GSVlabs and Gulftainer are partnering to launch The Future of Ports Challenge, a technology scouting program that seeks to find the most innovative startups developing technology that can play defining roles in the future of port management and logistics.The challenge is open to startups who’ve developed technologies that will transform the ports and logistics industry.

The Future of Ports Startup Challenge is aimed at entrepreneurs and startups developing groundbreaking, highly disruptive technologies that could redefine the supply chain and logistics industry.

The Future of Ports Startup challenge is seeking founders with a vision for the future and chasing groundbreaking innovation in technology areas that will transform the industry.


§ The challenge will award $10,000 to each of the winning startups and provide the opportunity to explore deployment or co-development of their technology.


Gulftainer has partnered with GSVlabs, a leading global innovation platform, to engage startups in four unique areas of opportunity where Gulftainer is pursuing new solutions:

§ IOT and Robodoctors: The expansion of IoT and AI has created the opportunity for automated monitoring of critical equipment using smart sensing technology. These tools have the potential to significantly reduce maintenance costs and unplanned downtime. In the future, ports will pursue 100% predictive maintenance and repair, autonomous “robot-doctors” with the ability to fix anomalies at greater speed and accuracy and 3-D printers that can print required spare parts on site.

§ AI and Autonomous Drones: The increasing maturity of artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities combined with reduced costs of drone and geo-spatial technologies, has created unprecedented opportunities to enable fully automated operations, including autonomous inspections and drone-based cargo and container deliveries.

§ Big Data and Advanced Analytics: Big data and analytics technologies are making it easier than ever to gain real-time insights into business operations and perform automated modeling and simulations. These insights can help port operators optimize terminal operations, eliminate supply chain inefficiencies and maximize utilization of infrastructure. In the future, the movement of all physical objects and infrastructure will be digitally recorded and represented to provide perfect insight into operations.

§ Blockchain: Blockchain technology will revolutionize data exchange processes within ports and global supply chains, drastically reducing shipping transit time and cost, with increased transparency. In the future, “cooperating” robots that take over transport and machine handling will use blockchains to transact and validate, integrating seamlessly with supplier systems and reducing human intervention in document heavy transactions.

§ Bring your own Idea: The above tracks and descriptions are guidelines to the disruptive technologies Gulftainer is looking to embed within their operations. Over and beyond these tracks, they welcome pitches from start-ups that encompass exponential technologies and futuristic business models that will completely disrupt the ports and logistics industry.

Eligibility Criteria

§ There is no fee for entry.

§ Any startup throughout the world is welcome to apply and become an Applicant.

§ Applicant(s) must be legally registered or planning to register in their country of residence.

§ Employees of the Organizers, its affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotional agencies, suppliers and immediate family members are not eligible to participate in the Competition.

§ Applications must be entered on the official platform – gtinnovationchallenge.com – to be considered.

§ Applications must be entered as a Team, according to the categories of the competition (see ‘Categories’ section below).

§ Applications must have a minimum of one (1) representative.

§ Team members must be 18 years old.

§ Only completed applications will be considered.

§ Applications and all events must be completed in English.

§ Applicants must take all necessary steps to ensure adequate protection of any intellectual property described in their submissions (i.e. appropriate intellectual property filings, patent and copyright notices, etc.).

§ The Global Organizers and National Organizers reserve the right, at any time, to disqualify any Submission that, in its judgment, violates the spirit of the competition, its guidelines, processes, Rules or Terms and Conditions.

§ Any Participating Team engaging in unethical activities, including lying, misrepresentations, or nondisclosure of material information, or any activity that may adversely affect the image of GSVlabs or Gulftainer, will be disqualified and barred from participation in the competition.

§ Applicants understand and agree that GSVlabs and Gulftainer team members will have access to all information submitted on the Competition Platform and the right to use use that information to facilitate the competition and identify potential opportunities for collaboration between Gulftainer and applicants.

Deadline: 15-Aug-2020 For more information, visit https://www.gtinnovationchallenge.com/