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Конкурс предложений: вызов планеты «Смотри, меняй мир»



Planet is looking for new ways to help solve climate and environmental challenges through the use of daily satellite imagery, tools and analytics. Planet’s mission to make global change visible, accessible and actionable aligns with the European Green Deal and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which can help support economists in making more informed decisions.

Planet is excited to partner with those seeking to use Planet and Copernicus data to find creative solutions in the following areas of interest:

        Sustainable Food Systems, both in agriculture and maritime, i.a.:

        Ensure more sustainable food systems that guarantee nutritious, affordable and safe food with minimum use of pesticides and fertilisers and minimum greenhouse gas emissions

        Achieve optimisation of land use, especially in areas affected by rapid urbanisation and/or land degradation

        Provide urban farming solutions

        Propose sustainable fishing solutions

        Biodiversity, i.a.:

        Detect negative deforestation trends

        Measure coral bleaching and its impact on ecosystem services

        Understand the impact of heat and drought stress on habitats

Submissions are not limited to the above mentioned areas and can address all potential aspects linked to the European Green Deal and the SDG. The most compelling solutions should have a strong technical underpinning, be feasible and achievable.

Prize Information

Planet will provide nthe winner with an opportunity to finalise their solution and bring it to market. This includes the following prize details:

        6 months free data: Free Planet data for non-commercial purposes: 6 months’ free access to Planet’s data with a value of EUR 125,000 over relevant areas of land for PlanetScope and SkySat imagery products for non-commercial/demo purposes. The winner can choose between the split of the Monitoring, Basemaps and Archive data required.

        Consulting: Technical and business consulting from Planet during the 6-month period.

        Planet Imagery: A commercial contract for Planet imagery once the first customer is identified.

        Trip to Planet’s explore conference: Trip to San Francisco to Planet’s Explore Conference: Fully paid (flights, hotel, conference fee) trip for two to Planet’s customer conference in 2021, providing the winner with a world class opportunity to network with thought leaders in the geospatial industry.

        Satellite data: Possibility to access EUR 10,000 worth of commercial datasets from the Copernicus Contributing Missions in the Copernicus Data Warehouse (financial support by EC)

        Extra EUR 10,000 Cash Prize if your concept gets selected as Copernicus Masters 2020 Overall Winner


Submissions to Planet “See Change, Change the World” Challenge will be assessed against the following criteria:

        Climate and Environmental Impact: Does this solution contribute toward solving climate and environmental challenges?

        Creativity: Is the solution a novel and ground-breaking application of Planet data?

        Commercial Viability: Does the solution present a viable business model that considers the cost of operations and Planet imagery?

        Planet and Copernicus Connection: Does the solution use both Planet data and Copernicus data to create added value?

Deadline: 30-Jun-2020 For more information, visi https://copernicus-masters.com/prize/planet-challenge/