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The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs is seeking applications for the 7th round of llegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) Challenge Fund in 2020.

Objectives and Themes

The objective of the IWT Challenge Fund is to tackle the illegal wildlife trade and in doing so, to contribute to sustainable development in developing countries, through projects which address one, or more, of the following themes:

        Developing sustainable livelihoods to benefit people directly affected by IWT:

        supporting alternatives to engaging in the illegal wildlife trade

        encouraging community led wildlife conservation, including retention of benefits within local communities

        addressing the challenges of human-wildlife conflict

        Strengthening law enforcement:

        addressing corruption

        preventing illicit financial flows from the illegal wildlife trade

        improving law enforcement and border control in key source, transit and destination countries

        improving transnational cooperation on border control

        Ensuring effective legal frameworks:

        working to ensure that other governments have effective legislation in place

        improving judicial prosecution processes in IWT cases

        ensuring there are strong penalties in place for IWT

        Reducing demand for IWT products:

        integrating behaviour change approaches to ensure that interventions move beyond raising awareness

        working with businesses to keep IWT products out of the supply chain

        establishing partnerships between source, transit, and destination countries

Funding Information

        They expect proposals to range between £50,000 and £600,000.

        The minimum length of a project is 1 year and the maximum length is 3 years. Any budget commitment must end by 31 March 2024.

Project Type

        They want the fund to make a real difference to tackling the illegal wildlife trade on the ground, through practical action. Where projects involve an element of research, it should be clear how this research will be applied.

        They would be interested to see projects that pursue new and innovative approaches that could be “game-changing” in terms of tackling the trade.

        They would also be interested to support projects that involve the private sector and demonstrate the financial viability of private investments in tackling IWT.

        Projects addressing domestic illegal trade are eligible provided they are targeting a globally threatened species, and it is trade which is threatening the species. The relevant domestic legislation must be specified in the application.

Eligibility Criteria

        Applications must come from an organisation, and not an individual. Applicant organisations can be based in any country.

        Applications are welcome from different types of organisations, including academic institutions and private sector organisations.

        Applications from small, locally based organisations are especially welcome.

        One of the aims of the IWT Challenge Fund is to build capacity. It is common for an organisation from a developed country to work with an organisation / organisations from the host country to jointly manage a project.

        Organisations applying for funding must:

        have a credible record of working on similar types of projects

        have demonstrated experience managing projects

        nominate a Project Leader who will be responsible for the technical direction of the project and be the main point of contact

Deadline: 14-Jul-2020 For more information, visit https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/illegal-wildlife-trade-challenge-fund-application-round