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Beyond COVID-19: Global Open Innovation Challenge



This global open innovation challenge, is a Call To Action for all communities to collaborate and take action in order to create innovative solutions for the Covid-19 Challenge.

Team up with your colleagues, friends and family, or find a team virtually through the Prepr Network and use this time of social distancing to challenge yourself and help create the future you want to live in. Pick one of the 6 global goals that you are passionate about, and use that as a starting point to solve a real-world problem related to Covid-19. Get creative with your team, solutions can be local or global, small business or industrial, preventative actions or treatment actions, creative or data-driven. This is a global crisis that is affecting every community around the globe, and it is going to take input and action from every community around the globe to solve it. Every solution is a building block to a better future for all.

With the world coming together in this global crisis, the worst pandemic of its kind in 100 years, it’s easy to get disheartened or stressed with the negativity and fear in communities, governments, and businesses. With that said, out of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, there are 7 Global Goals that they feel align with the crisis the world is currently facing. These 7 global goals impact everyone on earth, and at no time in history has there ever been a better time for people to come together virtually in the digital age and work together to create meaningful real-world solutions. Goal 2: Zero Hunger Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being Goal 4: Quality Education Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.

How to get Started:

        Pick one of the 7 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

        Think about how that Global Goal relates to the Covid-19 pandemic

        Download the Prepr App

        Find and Join one of four Beyond Covid-19 Challenges

        Explore projects, build a virtual team, and create a project to showcase your problem and solution which you will submit to the Beyond Covid-19 Challenge you selected in the Prepr App.

The Challenges

        Beyond Covid-19: Business Challenge

        Beyond Covid-19: Education Challenge

        Beyond Covid-19: Prevention Challenge

        Beyond Covid-19: Community Challenge

Prize Information

        Global Recognition & Trophy by over 30 Organizations

        First Place, Second Place, Third Place

        Most Innovative

        Best Design

        Cash & Prizes from Prepr Partner Network

        Investment opportunities for top projects per category

        Individual & Team Learn Lab Kits ($99-$299 value),

        Dominos Gift Cards ($10-$50 increments)

        Internships / Co-op placements / Paid Gig opportunities


Projects will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

        Alignment – Does the project address the challenge outlined above?

        Potential for Impact – How will this project help move the world towards achieving the Zero Poverty Global Goal?

        Feasibility – Can the proposed solution be implemented? Are there any critical barriers?

        Innovative approach – How does the project differ from existing solutions?

        Scalability – Can this solution be used to impact a large number of people?

Deadline: 10 June 2020 For more information, visi https://prepr.org/Covid-19/