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Подать заявку на BBVA EduFin Research Grants 2020



The Center for Financial Education and Capability is launching the third Call for Expressions of Interest, named BBVA EduFin Research Grants. The Center for Financial Education and Capability is a non-profit reputed initiative with no legal personality created within Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A. (BBVA) to promote financial education and capability as key level to improve the financial health of people, thus helping poverty alleviation and economic prosperity (hereinafter, “The Center”). One of the main goals of The Center is to foster research and promote action to improve financial literacy and capabilities. The Advisory Council of The Center is composed by international renowned organizations with a solid experience in the finance world such as CAF, the European Banking Federation, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center (GFLEC), Better Finance, as observer member, MIDE (Museo Interactivo de Economia), the OECD, SEGIB and the World Bank among others. The Center invites researchers, teams of researches and research organizations to conduct rigorous research on financial education related topics with a worldwide reach, especially in the following areas:

        Financial education and inequality

        The relationship between financial education and financial health

        Financial education and circular economy

        Financial education and inclusive growth

        Financial education and entrepreneurship

        Financial education and digitalization & data

Funding Information

        The 2020 BBVA EduFin Research Grants marks the annual competitive funding rounds that will invest a total of 50,000 € to support research projects. These funds will be distributed as follows:

        3 grants of €10,000

        4 grants of €5,000

Geographical Focus

The fund encourages research projects focused on any country.

Eligibility Criteria

        Each application must be under the name of a researcher or a team (at least, the principal investigator should be specified). Researchers involved, must demonstrate experience in any of the previous research fields and must be affiliated with a research institution or university (either public or private), and prove such affiliation with a Certificate of Affiliation issued by the above mentioned institution or university (in the institution’s letterhead).

        Researchers can participate in no more than one submission.

        Projects previously published or those scheduled for publication will not be eligible.

The applications may be submitted in Spanish or English.

(Deadline: 18 May 2020 For more information, visit https://www.bbvaedufin.com/en/evento/edufin-research-grants-2020/